Pan-Pot Reveal Choices For Latest ‘9 Essentials’ Mix

The duo’s esteemed mix series goes from strength-to-strength

Hi guys, you’ve launched your latest 9 Essentials mix today, talk us through the tracks that have been most essential in your sets and why?

Tassilo: Our 9 Essentials mix is an outlet for deeper tracks. We don’t always play all of those tracks in our live sets but we still love them. This 9 Essentials edition is quite dance floor orientated and starts with a vocal from one of the last Figure Records releases. We like Len Faki’s label Figure a lot and thought that this vocal is a great intro for the mix. The second track is a remix from Len Faki and we actually play it quite often as an intro track. It builds up a nice energy and brings people into the right mood for a Pan-Pot set 🙂 Solaris Iterations from Kaspiann is an amazingly deep techno track. Great grooves with deep atmospheres. The following track is a remix from Kyle Geiger. Loving the (Italo) disco vibe in it. Next up is DEAS with his track Space race. The whole EP of Deas is a banger. Same as Rocko Garoni’s track “It’s All Yours“ feat Cook Strummer. Super dark and deep techno. Second State’s longterm member Michael Klein delivered a banger with Hoisin which follows Rocko’s track. The track “Reason“ from Proxima is a moody acid banger and always works brilliantly in clubs. Last but not least as an outro we chose a breakbeat remix from Delta Funktionen to roundup the whole mix. Thanks for listening 🙂

Do you have an absolute favourite track from the mix and where have you seen it perform best?

Tassilo: Michael Klein’s track ‘Hoisin’ is an absolute banger, same as DEAS’ and Rocko’s tracks in the mix. We’re very proud to be able working together with talents like them. Hoisin is in our playlist for quite some time now and it actually always works perfectly. You can lighten up heavy techno sets but also boost a softer DJ-set with this track. A great all rounder 🙂

You’re touring the USA again soon. In your opinion, is the techno scene continuing to grow there and which cities do you feel have the biggest appetite for techno?

Thomas: Techno has always been there and it definitely grows every year. The crowds are really well educated for the sound and they’ve never disappointed us during our sets 🙂 However, we have a special connection with New York and San Francisco.

Diet and exercise is really important. Can you share any lifestyle hacks you’ve learned to try and keep healthy and focused whilst you’re on the road?

Thomas: We’r trying to mostly eat healthy and work out as much as it’s possible while being on tour. Believe it or not but in the end sleep is the key of staying fit and focused.

Can you both name your personal favourite track of all-time?

Thomas: System of the Down – Chop Suey

Tassilo: Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now


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