Is AFFKT Becoming The Hottest Producer in Progressive Music?

We last spoke to AFFKT (Marc Pobla), back in 2014 and since then – he has grown to become one of our favourite artists. We took some time out with Sincopat’s head honcho for catch up.    

AFFKT: So many things have changed since 2014, I feel my sound is maturing every day, that’s my main motivation all the time, keep on growing and breaking my own borders.

We’re enjoying your productions quite a lot and premiered your tracks recently on Noir and Selador. You seem to have formed a really good relationship with the Selador gang.

AFFKT: really glad you like them; I’m personally also really proud of all those releases, they are another step forward in my sound! Yes, I am good friend of Dave and Steve and I really respect their careers and works. I guess we have a similar taste of music, so working together is always satisfaction and fun.

What was it like working with Noir? Did I read correct that it took you 9 months to complete the tracks for him? Was that frustrating for you?

AFFKT: Working with Noir is always great, he has so much experience and all their comments really help. Yes it took a while, but that’s normally what it takes to finish a track properly. Sometimes the main idea is build fast but sometimes not, even so I always like to record many different things to make as rich as possible my productions. Then once I have the first take of a track I play it and I send it to people I respect to play it as well and with all the feedback I work and re-work on the track till a point I am satisfy, this process could take months but at the end you just feel is the right to go to next level and mix it, which also can take at least… ages!

Sincopat is going from strength to strength and there’s always a continual stream of experimental, sometimes challenging but often amazing releases. Which of the artists from your label are you really thinking can move on to bigger things?

AFFKT: Thanks for your kind words. We are not focus on releasing a certain style of music; we just want to release timeless music that is the one we like. About moving to bigger things with our artists is something we take really serious, Piek´s ‘Despertar’ or my own album ‘Son Of A Thousand Sounds’ is just an example of we don´t want just focus on releasing clubbing music, an album is a sometimes the best way expand the discourse of an artist and bring it to a new stage. Next family member to release an album will be Darlyn Vlys, his album is just out of this world and further step for him and Sincopat.

This week we premiered your remix of Piek’s ‘Despertar’ which was a track from his album. This is more amazing work for you and presented in a modern progressive style. I’m not hearing any other artist who is able to present such a refined balance of complex elements together in a track. I would go as far as to say you’re the most underrated producers in modern music today.

AFFKT: Thanks for your words… yes! Many people told me that I’m a really underrated artist. I always take it like compliment. I’m not doing this to be more famous or something similar, I make music because I need it like I do breath or eat, to be faithful to my principles and go further with my sound is what is all about for me. Believe it or not I am very influenced by progressive, but I am mainly focus in doing music that get your hair on edge. I am really glad probably most of the artists I respect had supported my music at some point, always motivate for sure.

Which one of your releases would you say you’re most proud of recently and why (in case we didn’t hear it)?

AFFKT: I am always proud of my releases, but talking about recently ones the EPs for Noir and Sincopat really define what I am nowadays, I put so much effort and love working on them, as I did also for the new EP coming for Selador with Dave Seaman and Martinet remixes.

I am working at the moment in news EPs for labels I love but I still cannot talk much more about it. Top secret sir! Also this new remix for Piek or the one I just finish for Eelke Kleijn perfectly reflect the paths of the new music is coming.

You’re running a mastering business and if people are judging the sound on your releases, they’ll understand the quality of your service is very high. How is business at the moment?

AFFKT: We always talk about it in the studio, but nowadays I am trying to have it like a separate thing. But yes for sure the sound of my productions show the perfection we are looking for in the studio. But not just also the work for all our clients is our best advertising; all what we got in Pobla is thanks to hard work and spread the word mouth to mouth.

Pobla is doing great, the family has grown and we are always going further with the quality of our services for artists and labels. You can check us out here

We know you were DJing at Sonar festival, better said, Off Week recently. And if we’re not wrong, doing several networking at Sonar+D, how was everything?

AFFKT: Sonar days this year were something I will never forget, is kept in my mind till the end of time. The networking event at Sonar +D was such a great thing, we have enjoyed listening demos for the people interested in knowing our thoughts and advices. I was not really DJing at the festival, I was playing during the Off Week at the Sincopat & Selador event and the Suara showcases. Hopefully soon I am playing at the festival, fingers crossed 😉

What other gigs do you have planned and what other releases do you have in the pipeline?

AFFKT: Next release coming –this Friday June 30th- is my remix for Piek, you and your readers know it perfectly now hehehe then Selador EP and the remix for Eelke Kleijn´s that will be out on his own label. I am looking forward to be playing around Europe, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Canada and of course Ibiza this summer. I’ve already played a couple of times at the new Suara’s weekly residency at Privilege alongside Booka Shade, M.A.N.D.Y. George Fitzgerald and of course Coyu, more dates are to come!


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