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Rebel One – Far Away/Agata De Fuego Remixes (Stripped Off)

Stripped Off offer up two slices of filthy, kick-ass acid house with Jacob Phono & Jens Bond and Miro Pajic each getting their teeth stuck into tracks from Costa Rican producer Rebel One.

I don’t know if ‘filthy, kick-ass acid house’ has its own Beatport category yet (Melbourne bounce, anyone?), but if it does Jacob Phono & Jens Bond’s ‘acid’ remix of ‘Far Away’ is a shoo-in. Tight percussion and a wonderfully rich acid bassline provide the foundation, topped off with Rebel One’s dreamy, drifting melodies. The breakdown plays up the melodic side of the track (though with the menacing bassline always creeping just below the surface), before it explodes in a shower of jacking kicks and groovy 303-licks. This is wicked underground house from Jacob Phono & Jens Bond, which manages to make the most of Rebel One’s original ideas while firmly putting the duo’s own stamp on the track.

Miro Pajic’s remix of ‘Agata De Fuego’ is even better. It kicks off with two DJ-friendly minutes, which introduce deliciously hard-hitting percussion and Rebel One’s distinctive chopped vocal samples, before the action really starts at the two-minute mark, when the bassline begins to roll and the track begins to swagger. Almost immediately warped, mind-shredding synths begin to rise, and they continue to twist, turn, and intensify before reaching a feverish climax during the breakdown, as alarm bells ring out and the percussion and bass reengage, daring you – double-daring you – to try to remain still. And just as you expect the remix to loosen its grip on you, acidic squelches create additional last minute tension. tl:dr version: this is awesome!

Arnas D set the bar for remixes of Rebel One ridiculously high with his take on ‘Who Got It?’ last year, but this outstanding release from Stripped Off shows that other producers are well up to the challenge. Warmly recommended indeed.


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