Robert R. Hardy – Emotions (Superordinate Music)

The latest release on Superordinate Music welcomes Robert R. Hardy back to the label for a brand new EP.

The Hungarian artist is making his 29th appearance on the UK imprint which has been highlighted by two key EP’s entitled ‘Sensus’ and ‘Ghost of Avalon’. Now following a strong remix of Nicolas Prieto’s ‘The Wire Walker’ for Michael A’s Genesis Music Robert makes his much anticipated return to Superordinate with the two track ‘Emotions’ EP.

The release begins with ‘Aestas’ which might be one of Robert’s most emotive creations to date. Deep, atmospheric and warm, it’s engaging from the very beginning. The vocally motifs are what really stand out and also sit at the records emotional core. A chunky groove, smooth chord changes and buzzing atmospheres add the icing on the cake and complete what is a very moving piece of music from Robert.

The companion piece ‘Verum’ finds Robert going even deeper and just as emotive. There’s a bit of an All Day I Dream vibe on this with its loose cadence, low end funk and haunting motifs. Dreamy yet still incredibly danceable, it’s an exquisite eight minute journey and a fresh approach from Robert in a way. Definitely a standout track just like the a-side, rounding the EP out in fine style. Superb release from Superordinate Music once again, bring on the remix EPs!


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