Greenage – Zenith (Stellar Fountain)

The latest release on Stellar Fountain welcomes Greenage back to the label for a new EP.

The Indian artist first appeared on the Hungarian imprint in July of last year with a contribution the label’s ‘Signals From the Void IV’ Sampler. Now following a release on label affiliate Astrowave, Greenage returns to Stellar Fountain for a brand new EP alongside remixes from Alfonso Muchacho and Max Cue. 

There’s no doubt that India is becoming a breeding ground for progressive house much in the way Argentina has been for many years. Greenage is one of many Indian artists coming into their own and his two originals here stand as perhaps his best work to date. The lead piece ‘Zenith’ is big and epic, no doubt geared for peak time play. What makes it quite unique is although it’s backed by a progressive framework there’s a definite nod to the psy-trance scene running throughout the design. This trippy flair brings electricity to the gorgeous melodies and makes for a unique and satisfying journey.

The companion piece ‘Prana’ (perhaps coined after one of the psy-trance scene’s most legendary artists) brings a deeper vibe which complements the larger lead piece perfectly. Big bass stabs and a smooth cadence converge for a formidable foundation while a storyboard of effects and melodies light up the atmosphere. The groove is no doubt the star of the show, a definite winner for the dance floor while it’s evolving rhythms and spaced out sonics add just the right touch. 

Both remixers on the project step up big as well, delivering two excellent and complementary interpretations of ‘Zenith’. UK artist Alfonso Muchacho makes his 15th appearance on the label and his club friendly style has worked wonders on ‘Zenith’. Keeping the tempo the same but going deeper for a more hypnotic and restrained interpretation. Granular stabs, mesmerizing arps and driving drums wrap around the pulsating framework before a dramatic break ups the tension. It clocks in at just under ten minutes but it runs by pretty quick, a sign of well constructed journey. Great remix from Alfonso. 

The release concludes with Max Cue returning to the label for his fourth appearance. The Belgian artist made his Stellar Fountain debut in December of last year with his ‘A Surge Of Anxiety’ single in collaboration with William Forest. Now delivering his first remix Max puts his own unique twist on ‘Zenith’. I think when most electronic music fans think of Max Cue they think melodic techno but his sound has definitely gotten more progressive in recent years. This sits nicely in the middle with a warmer framework flanked with tougher percussion. The arp gets downplayed a touch but still proves to be a core element while bubbly rhythms and spacey effects sit perfectly in the mix. Not without its grandiose moments, a timely break foreshadows a massive finale with epic synth work and gorgeous atmospheres taking you home. A big remix from Max who seems to feel right at home on Stellar Fountain. Great release once again from the top Hungarian imprint. Don’t miss it.


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