Marcelo Vasami – Micro Diamond Part 2 (Soundteller Records)

Deersky’s Soundteller Records returns this week showcasing brand new interpretations of Marcelo’s Vasami’s ‘Micro Diamond’.

Originally released in January of 2013 the deep, melodic groover was certainly one of the stand out’s on the label that year and got made over in fine style by Andrea Cassino, Uvo and Stas Drive. Now over three years later Soundteller invites Michael A, Robert R. Hardy and Subandrio to reinvent the track for 2017. 

If there was a ever a who’s who of the progressive underground at the moment Michael, Robert and Subandrio would all be high up on that list. Three cutting edge artists in the genre and all with their own unique production traits. First up and fresh off an EP for Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music Michael goes deep, techy and melodic for a gorgeous interpretation. Mallet motifs and an evolving atmospheric storyboard make for many gorgeous moments throughout the first act but it is perhaps the trippier third act which really shines. Setup by a short but timely break the conclusion brings vocal elements and luminous clusters into the mix for a sensational finale. Lovely remix from Michael.

Next up Robert R. Hardy returns to what would have to be considered one of his home labels for a much deeper take on the track. The atmospheric qualities from the original are well conveyed but a trippy underbelly and chunky groove put them in an entirely different context. This is one which grows methodically into something of grand scope, lead by an electronic line which dazzles throughout the first act. A spaced out break brings further drama before growling synths seal the ominous tone and the groove drops for a strong finish. A brilliant remix and for my money Robert’s best this year. 

The release concludes with Subandrio returning to the label for his sixth appearance. The Sri Lankan artist made his Soundteller debut just over a year ago with an amazing remix of Robert R. Hardy’s ‘Light Therapy’. Now a regular on the label roster Subandrio delivers more brilliance with a killer rework of ‘Micro Diamond’. Played out over ten and a half magical minutes this is a pure progressive house lover’s dream with crunchy rhythms, atmospheric swells and a grinding, rhythmic core leading the charge. Although it comes off quite epic it does so without any big elements or moments, rather building in meditative waves for the ultimate peak time rush. An amazing remix from Subandrio which rounds out one of Soundteller’s finest releases of the year. Highly Recommended. 


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