Sergei Spatz – Nevada (Balkan Connection)

The latest release on Balkan Connection welcomes Sergei Spatz to the label for a brand new single.

The Russian artist has appeared twice on label affiliate BC2 and also owns releases on ICONYC and Superordinate Music. Now making his much anticipated Balkan Connection debut Sergei presents his latest single entitled ‘Nevada’ alongside remixes from Hot TuneiK and Erdi Irmak.

Presented over two versions, ‘Nevada’ brings some gorgeous progressive moods.The Original mix comes charged with an electric groove, dynamic rhythms and some lovely sound design across it’s ethereal synths. Plucked melodies flow through a soulful storyboard with a charming resonance, as the chugging foundation keeps your feet firmly planted on the dance floor. Some tracks just have a great flow to them and this one certainly does, a joy from start to finish. The Club mix meanwhile comes in a more deliberate and direct with a tighter more energetic framework. The main themes translate wonderfully and although they don’t come off as live or free flowing feeling the magic is still there in spades. Two amazing versions from Sergei.

Making his fifth appearance on Balkan Connection man of the moment Hot TuneiK provides the first remix. The Mexican artist and Hookah Records boss brings more of his groovy excellence with a mix that’s geared for morning play. Aptly coined the 6AM Mix Hot softens the overall feel with a gorgeously textured low end and a rework of the ethereal motifs. Dreamy and trippy in all the right ways it’s smooth and elegant without ever trying too hard or going for any big moments. Like most Hot TuneiK tracks it excels on excellent production and simplicity. Amazing remix.

The release concludes with Erdi Irmak returning to the label for his 11th appearance. It’s been a strong start to 2017 for the Turkish artist, highlighted by appearances on Clubsonica Records, Or Two Strangers and Stellar Fountain. A consummate remixer, Erdi always brings a unique flair to each project and he’s certainly done so here with an interpretation that goes deeper with some lovely dub influences. The first act is quite dubby actually with spacey lines and organic percussion but as the break approaches the main elements unassumingly slip into the mix. It’s executed so perfectly that it just feels like a well told story as the plucked melodies pull at your heartstrings during the second act. Gorgeous remix from Erdi and another solid offering from Balkan Connection. Don’t miss it.


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