Blue Cell – Davy Jones Locker (Stellar Fountain)

Stellar Fountain returns this week with a brand new single from Blue Cell.

The German duo last appeared on the Hungarian imprint in January with their ‘Leviathana’ EP and have also recorded two previous singles released in the latter part of 2016. Now returning for their fourth appearance Blue Cell present their latest single entitled ‘Davy Jones Locker’ alongside remixes from Marboc and Imran Khan.

Having listened to most of Blue Cell’s previous material I think ‘Davy Jones Locker’ is their finest hour. It starts with the groove; big, beefy and progressive inspired, it’s got a ton of bounce and old school appeal. From there everything else just builds around it with a smooth effortless feel. Crystalline melodies, warbly synth hooks and icy pads highlight the first act before two transitional sections shift the mood from celestial to brooding. It’s an interesting narrative and not completely conventional as it avoids the obligatory main break. Great stuff from Blue Cell.

Marboc is a name that’s been coming up a lot recently. His work for Electronic Tree and Stellar Fountain has been excellent and he’s turned in another brilliant remix here. Stripping the groove down for a sleeker, more modern feel complements the original nicely. Built around muted tones and squelchy stabs it’s rhythmic core comes off quite strong. The percussion adds amazing drive while the ghostly feel of the original comes through nicely in the pad work. It’s the break however which brings the most grandiose moment on the release, although spacious it’s not without dramatic flair and one standout section that you’re sure not to forget. A definite winner from Marboc.

The release concludes with Imran Khan making his debut on the label following a string of releases for Clinique Recordings. Although his discography is short the music on it is quite impressive and his ‘Davy Jones Locker’ interpretation might be his best yet. Deep, enchanting and smooth throughout, it doesn’t take long to get sucked into this one. Bringing incredible warmth, big bass swells sit at the foundation while gaseous atmospheres and clattering drums fill in the framework. There’s definitely some late appeal locked in this one with a gorgeous break and stripped back drop making it all the more appealing. Gorgeous remix from Imran who I hope we hear more from soon. A lovely release from Stellar Fountain that’s not to be missed.


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