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Scotty.A – The World Turns Remixes (Proton)

I made no secret of my fondness for Scotty.A‘s ‘The World Turns’ EP when it dropped last April, and so it’s good to see it finally receive a remix package, albeit rather later than one might have expected. Argentinian newcomer David Calo provides the remix of ‘The World Turns and You Turn With It’, while Australia’s Matt Rowan takes on ‘Nothing As It Seems’.

I’ve been a fan of David Calo’s work in the past, and his take on Scotty.A’s track here is really fantastic. He takes the melodic core of the track and lets it drift  subtly over an awesome, chunky bassline. The highlight of the original was the dreamy quality that the track took on during the breakdown, and thankfully Calo doesn’t lose that here. This is classy, elegant, and groovy – terrific stuff from David Calo, and sure to net him some well-deserved attention.

Matt Rowan’s remix of ‘Nothing As It Seems’ keeps the main melodic themes from Scotty.A’s original  immediately recognisable, and adds a slick bassline, builiding towards the five minute mark where the track empties apart from some lovely floating melodies. The introduction of a new bass part changes the mood of the track for the breakdown, before the original bassline line picks back up with the percussion, working its way through a series of chord changes. This wasn’t really my cup of tea, but those who enjoy more ‘mainroom’ progressive sounds will no doubt find this appealing. For those who like things a little more understated and underground, this will likely seem like a bit of a missed opportunity, given the strength of Scotty.A’s original track.

Overall, I had a slightly mixed reaction to this release from Proton, but David Calo and Scotty.A prove a totally winning combination. 7/10


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