Quivver Selects Competition Finalists And Asks Fans To Decide

Quivver shocked fans on Friday by revealing he was asking them to choose the winner of his remix competition. We caught up with the great man himself, who revealed the finalists plus we explain how you can vote below.

Q. Hi John, we saw the post on Friday, so have you managed to select your finalists?

Quivver: “Firstly, I want to massive thank you to everyone who submitted remixes for the competition, it was an honour to see so much enthusiasm and to hear so much great music.

There were so many quality mixes it’s been a real struggle to choose between them, especially when it came down to the last 15 or so. Any of them could have made have made it in to the top 5 for one or reason or another, so special mentions go out to:

Vakabular, 8 Kays, Ewan Rill,  Roukin, Bhima, D!Y, Ian Dillon, Daniel Glover, Integral Bread, Tim Points, Sean McClellan, Belms. Moodfreak, Sebastian Haas.

However, after much deliberation, I’ve decided the top five are (in no particular order):


Rise & Fall

Kandar & Morning Delusions

Donny Carr

The Wash

The good news for all these finalists is each of these tracks are going to released on Controlled Substance. Send a message to my inbox on Facebook and we’ll discuss the next steps.

I like all of these track, so it wouldn’t fair to choose a winner, that’s why I decided to let the fans decide who’s going to get the chance to do a collaboration with me. I’m sure they’ll pick the right person.

So you heard the man, it’s time to get voting! Simply vote for the track you like the most from the list below. One vote per person only. Voting closes on Thursday at 5pm GMT with the winner being revealed shortly thereafter. 


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