Sudbeat is back and this time debuts 3 tasty originals from the talented Swiss, turned Argentine producer, Simon Vuarambon. 

brand new sudbeat release featuring simon vuarambon

Bahia from Simon Vuarambon starts us off with a smooth, rolling feel that very easily sucks you into the ambience of the track. The percussion is very tight, a hallmark of the modern prog sound, and an airy room reverb is drenched throughout the elements of the track, giving a very spacy feel. I’m a particular fan of the percussive groove Simon Vuarambon is employing here: it moulds together perfectly with the bassline and only serves to further strengthen the flow of the track. The ethereal South American feel to the song is excellently enticing: a lead beautiful lead synth that carries the resemblance of a traditional Peruvian flute, the homages to rain forest oriented sounds of nature, and the large scale vox pads are all trademarks of the groovy South American melodic sound that has been championed by many of late. Excellent overall feel to this one.


“Pandora,” the second track, and my favourite in the package, starts off similarly with a classic Argentinian/South American vibe.  This time though, with a markedly more tribal tinge, something that roots-wise instantly connects with me as tribal had such a profound impact on the New York sound I grew up with. For me however, the real knocker in this is the bassline, which has a nice old school feel to it that just makes you want to start rocking. The elemental feel the whole track has, and the permission of the producer to let the bass carry the beat and be the primary player in the mix, is so well executed here that there’s not much else here needed to really give you a reason to not dance. The synth interlude during the breakdown does a perfect job of carrying over till the beat returns, and all-in-all, the combination of sounds here makes for a club worthy track that is a delight from start to finish.

The great thing about Sudbeat is they’re always catering to different tastes on all their EPs.  With “Soulmates,” what you get is a techno/prog/deep house hybrid. The reverb and background effects are spacey, giving it a much deeper feel. The bassline projects an emotional message which inspires you to take action.  Whilst this tune isn’t ground breaking by any means, it’s really hard to fault and is one I can see getting lots of plays across the world.  Very cool work from Vuarambon!

Sudbeat deliver yet again and it’s great to see them pushing new talent.  Simon Vuarambon does the business here and is going to be one to watch. 8/10


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