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Space Motion – Green Waves (MNL)

Paul Hazendonk’s MNL imprint returns with a brand new EP from Space Motion.

Space Motion - Green Waves (MNL)

The Serbian artist is making his debut on the Dutch imprint following a string of successful releases on One Of A Kind and Bonzai Records. Now stepping up for the most anticipated release of his career Space Motion presents his two track offering ‘Green Waves’. 

Beginning with the title and showcase piece ‘Green Waves’ Space Motion delves into the deep, dark realms of progressive techno. Moderately twisted, dynamic and punchy it’s sonic scope is undeniable. Chugging rhythms and a quirky storyboard keep the first act lively, setting up a massive main break. Cavernous at the outset, the track’s centrepiece is dull of dramatics, primarily generated from elastic-like sonics and a fragmented arps, before eventually giving way to a huge payoff. Monster tune from Space Motion. 

The EP concludes with ‘Clap’ which is a collaborative piece with the Japanese duo Siguiente Tecnologia. Definitely more techno inspired but following a similar sonic profile to ‘Green Waves’ the track flows with an energetic flair. It’s simplistic groove is ideal for the dance floor while an array of electric rhythms ultimately drive the piece. Two timely breaks do just enough to add tension to the fire and makes for a great complement to the more progressive ‘Green Waves’. Had not heard of Space Motion before but this EP was a pleasant surprise. Highly Recommended.


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