Squire tells us about his former life as an F1 racing driver

Squire’s EP On Mobilee Is Out Now

Squire is racing to the top of the underground charts with new EP’s on Mobilee.

Squire has been living life in the fast lane, picking up speed with each new release on labels such as All Day I Dream, Kindisch, 3000 Grad Records and Bar 25 Music.

Currently accelerating towards pole position as one of the most exciting talents in the world of melodic house, Squire had a previous life as a high-speed racing driver.

In contrast, he has a laidback take on house music with deep grooves and soothing atmosphere, and we wanted to find out more about how Squire swapped thrill-seeking for searching out the perfect dance floor groove.

Squire: I was very lucky to have a life dedicated to racing since I was 8. Formula 1 racing is something you start when you’re a kid and it takes a long time to reach the pinnacle of motorsport. I raced in several Junior series and Karting series for many years before reaching F-1. I had the support of Red Bull who sponsored me from age 15 till I reached F-1 at 19.

Just like anything else in life, it takes time to be a successful racing driver and to get the best out of yourself every single day. But also in common with everything else, I believe the answer is commitment, determination and a huge passion for what you do. I started racing in 1998, and the peak of my career was definitely my last half-season in Formula 1, scoring 26 points with Scuderia Toro Rosso.

Some people ask if I’m an adrenaline junky. But how could you live life to the fullest without taking risks? Life is a challenge, a competition with yourself. I challenge myself every day by trying do to a bit more here and there, trying to improve as a human being, as an athlete. As an artist, I do this by listening to other amazing great artists I admire, to feel inspired by them and keep questioning my own work so I can surprise myself in the studio while enjoying every second of it.

I wasn’t fulfilling myself sitting in a race car anymore after F1, being in the Spanish newspapers and driving literally for money. My life was very predictable and I didn’t feel challenged by what I was doing because I wasn’t in love with racing anymore. In racing nowadays, the car is like a spaceship. Of course the driver is very important but we’re talking about 30% of the total performance, the rest is all due to technology and aerodynamics. So I don’t miss racing any more. Basically I fell in love with another woman which in this case was music and couldn’t resist turning my life around 180 degrees.

I had already started playing with my friends in Ibiza around 2005 when I was only 15. I remember my very first show was in a gay club called ‘Lolas’ in Dalt Vila in Ibiza. I so much enjoyed DJing and seeing how clubbers were reacting to the music I had in my bag! I decided a couple of years later to make my own music and add it to my sets and see what happened. Then in 2015 I retired from racing to pursue a career in music. That same day, I signed a record on Damian Lazarus’ sub label ‘Rebellion’. I felt I was at a turning point in my life and that I should give this a go.

Sitting in the studio and pursuing a career from scratch with a new name and making music is definitely challenging! It pushes me out of my comfort zone creating every single track and then finding the right home to release it. It’s inspiring, it’s universal, it’s like a book with no last page. It’s fantastic!

As for the immediate future, I’m really looking forward to my next record release Rebel Wisdom on Get Physical in February. I’ll also be working again with Mobilee and have some nice EPs coming up in mid 2020 too.

You can pick up Squire’s release on Mobilee from HERE

Words by Jamie W


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