Interview: Roy Rosenfeld

Roy Rosenfeld is a famed electronic artist hailing from Israel, we caught up with him prior to his gig at All Day I Dream: Art Basel Miami

How has 2019 been for you? Whats been a highlight?

So far 2019 was unreal. Best year for me and hopefully it’ll keep in this direction also next year. I had a bunch of highlights this year, but the top ones were playing with All Day I Dream at Brooklyn Mirage (NYC), Desert In Me (Buenos Aires), Return to Rio (Sydney) and We Are Lost (Amsterdam). 

I think these were the parties where all dots got connected. Apart from that, I have been doing so far 6 all-night-long sessions at Drama Club (Tel Aviv). Each single one of them was a highlight for me. 

How did you first get into electronic music, what sounds, parties, scenes, was it easy to access?

Well at my youth I used to hang out with friends at local clubs in Jerusalem (where I am originally from) and also in Tel Aviv. The sound was more Trance-oriented back in the days so naturally I grew up on it. I used to love Euro-Trance and some groovy Deep House music as well. By the time I have also learned to like the minimalistic sounds, a bit psychedelic and hypnotic. I think it’s pretty much explains my personal sound these days.

Do you think being from Israel gives you a certain style or vibe that is different from other house producers? Do you try an incorporate your cultural roots?

You mean, growing up in Israel helped me reaching different sounds? Could be. I’m pretty convinced that my sound is flavored by the Israeli oriental/ethnic/mediterranean roots, yes, but It’s hard to tell specifically why, since usually I am not a big fan of the typical ethnic/mediterranean Israeli music. However the fact that I live in Israel since day one obviously helped this sound to became a part of me.

What makes your sound unique, do you think?

I think it’s a bit of everything mentioned previously, and more…

At the end of the day, its House, but a little different since its a fusion of many elements taken from many worlds. It’s mostly based on minimal and funky grooves, mediterranean/balkan progressive melodies on top, could be also hypnotic or psychedelic sometimes. Most of the melodies are hinting with some rays of hope, I mean, not too depressive- usually there’s a positive ending to the story.

Is it defined by a certain bit of gear you use, or something you put most importance on ie bass or keys or drums?

There are simply no rules here. It could be everything.

And as a DJ, whats your vibe, stye, approach to playing?

It really depends on many things. The main ones are, length of the set and the space I play at. Generally I’d say I play deep-melodic-house and the vibe is mostly happy music, sometimes melancholic, groovy, funky, hypnotic. The thing I’m focusing the most once I DJ is to build the set progressively up and upper till I get to the point where I have to drop the energy down a little bit, so it allows me to create a stronger tension for a new buildup, which obviously helps to renew the excitement at the venue. I like keeping it dynamic and not too repetitive with the same style and vibe for the entire session, especially when it’s more than a 2 hours set (which btw, is never enough for me) 🙂

Are you there to educate or entertain or amaze as a DJ, do you think?

I’m there to make people excited and happy, as much as possible. It inspires me and sends me back home satisfied, with a big smile on my face. I hope my music helps other people to get over a bad day and gets them looking on the bright side.

What else have you got coming up?

I have some exciting plans for the rest of 2019 and as well for 2020. Most of them I’m not allowed to announce yet, unfortunately. All I can say for now is that I have a release coming soon on Guy Gerber’s Rumors.

What goals do you have for 2020, do you set yourself targets and things like that?

Not specifically, I believe everything happens for a reason and at it’s time. It’s something I’ve managed to bare in my mind over the last couple of years and it helped me a lot to focus on what’s important/mandatory and also to put what’s called “white noise” aside. I’d love to have another year like 2019, a bit better obviously, because we always want to feel like we levelled up. 

What was the last record you bought and why?

The last one I bought is the incredible release of my good friend Khen, which is called ‘Mamba EP’. It was just dropped on all stores and was released on Lee Burridge’s new imprint – TRYBESof. Even though I had the release a long time ago, I am always happy to support the artists by buying their works, as much as I would expect the others to support mines, if they like the music of course 🙂


Roy Rosenfold plays All Day I Dream of Art Basel Miami alongside YokoO, Lee Burridge and Facundo Mohrr on Saturday 7th December.

For further info tickets, check:


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