Joris Voorn Tells Us Why He Loves Orbital

Joris Voorn’s New Album “Four” Is Out Now On Spectrum (NL)

Joris Voorn is one of the most iconic artists in the world of house and techno, and he recently released his new album “Four”.

Over the last two decades, Joris Voorn has cemented himself as a stalwart in the house and techno scene. He’s produced three timeless albums, operated two of his own successful imprints, and toured the world with some of the greatest names in the electronic space. Last week he released his highly-anticipated fourth album, which sees him dig deep into his record box for sounds that shaped his early days in the underground. Harkening back to the mid-90’s, an era where breakbeats and dub techno ruled the speakers, Joris showcases his keen sense of musicality and refined taste as a curator with tracks that feature iconic producers Underworld, South African poet Lazarusman, British trip-hop trio HÆLOS and classical pianist Michiel Borstlap. In light of his latest release, we asked him to tell us about an album that changed his life

Joris Voorn: Snivilisation by Orbital was an album that opened my ears to a new musical world. When I heard it first in 1995, the rhythms and sounds were strangely familiar but I couldn’t place where they came from, and the way they were used was entirely new to me. To this day I think the album doesn’t fit any of the boxes we like to put our music in, it’s a musical world in it’s own right. Orbital continued to make great albums, the Snivilisation follow up In Sides is another all-time favourite of mine that taught me how to musically think outside of the box.

You can buy Joris Voorn’s new album Four from HERE


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