Tash – Blasphemy (Just Movement)

The 39th release on Just Movement welcomes Tash back to the label for a brand new EP.

Tash - Blasphemy (Just Movement)

As a primary contributor to the Dutch imprint the Greek artist has delivered two originals and two remixes since making his label debut in January of 2015. Now returning for the label’s most anticipated release to date Tash presents his ‘Blasphemy’ EP alongside remixes from Matias Chilano and Pole Folder.

Long noted for his dynamic club constructions Tash has logged a lot of hours behind the decks over his 10 plus year career and it shows in all his production work. A keen dance floor sensibility is always conveyed and the title cut here is no different. Following a DJ friendly intro mountainous bass swells, waves of percussion and haunting motifs surround the framework. Smooth chord changes and a soft textural overlay bring out the emotive core of the piece leading into the main break. Short and perfectly executed, the blissful yes dramatic centrepiece sets up a killer third act of fuzzed out stabs and bubbly tones. Brilliant stuff from Tash and surely one of his all time best productions.

The lone interpretation of ‘Blasphemy’ is provided by Matias Chilano who is making his second appearance on the label. The Argentinean artist first appeared on the Dutch imprint in April of 2015 with a remix of ‘Buenos Aires’ by Rogier & Stage Van H. Recent releases on Dopamine Music and Soundteller Records along with continued support from Hernan Cattaneo have made Matias one of the most in demand artists in the underground. Now stepping up for his first remix of 2017 the Argentine takes ‘ Blasphemy’ into deeper territory with amazing results. A reshaped groove proves meditative from the outset as organic designs and hazy atmospheres surround the framework. Soft tones add nicely to the rhythmic core before spacey effects and vocal trails further tantalize the senses. Although downplayed slightly the emotive sensibility proves strong, particularly during a one minute interlude, setting up a gorgeous third act finale. Amazing remix from Matias.

The companion piece ‘Sirop’ shows a funkier side of Tash’s studio repertoire. It was already released on the high quality VA Winter of Just Movement. Rooted in house but with a progressive state of mind the track flows through a myriad of cool rhythmic themes. Shifting tones prove exhilarating before a mallet-like motif adds just the right emotional touch. A perfect complement to the bolder ‘Blasphemy’ showing Tash’s versatility once again.

The lone interpretation of ‘Sirop’ is provided Pole Folder who is making his first appearance on Just Movement. The Belgian artist known for his appearances on John Digweed’s Bedrock Records had another amazing year in 2016. A selective release schedule highlighted with remixes for Baroque Records, ICONYC, Movement Recordings and Tulipa Records along with originals on his Reworck imprint were all outstanding. Now getting 2017 off to a great start Pole Folder puts his own unique twist on ‘Sirop’ taking it into deeper territory. Much loved for his smooth storyboarding the Belgian artist is on fine form once again with evolving soundscape’s and low end swells converging for a multitude of magic moments across the seven minute journey. Gorgeous remix from Pole Folder and a huge release for Just Movement that’s not to be missed.


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