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In a rush of optimism, it’s time to welcome Tragedie, the brand new label from the German duo Teenage Mutants. A perfect place to stay independent and demonstrate their true passion like never before.

They just launched their new label inviting Giorgia Angiuli on the debut release ‘What We Think’. This is a release where synaesthesia of deep-darkness and colourful with new and old memories stands at the core of the track. Introspective, heavy but dynamic and channelling an overflow of emotions. Angiuli’s voice creates a hypnotizing dimension intensified by the flow of steady techno. In other words: a multi-sensorial and overwhelming tune for our ears and a dance floor with a sweeping audience.

A new home for finest underground dance music specialising in dark but decidedly groovy

And why not, sometimes flirting with melodic techno. A real passion putting together their most personal identity after several years of a highly respected music career around the globe.

“We don’t know what time should be good to start a label. If you take a look at the sales part, the current situation won’t help to get good sales. We had some creative fights with our labels to be honest – they wouldn’t let us release the music that we feel and love, and sent totally simple feedback that we felt just wouldn’t work. With Tragedie, we are in full creative control” attest Teenage Mutants.

Not only this, “After 7 years of releasing music from deep to tech house, from melodic techno to peak time techno – we had all chances to explore our music. At the moment we focus only on techno.”

They did also announce that a really strong Teenage Mutants EP is coming by the end of November (20th) + a remix pack from ‘What We Think’ EP dropping in December with remixes from LUNAR PLANE + OSCAR L.

Grab your copy of “What We Think” here.

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