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The Spaniard producer just faced a new challenge in his artistic career, one where, as we already know, he is passionate about muscled techno sounds. After chaining several music releases this still very complicated year on Rafa BarriosBandidos Music, Stereo Productions and of course his own Odd label, Ramiro Lopez is debuting now on Istanbul-based RX Recordings.

This brand new EP is entitled “Density” and includes up 3 original tracks plus 2 extra remixes by Ugur Project and Procombo (RXR’s head-honcho). While in the originals Ramiro is introducing us his darker, banger and more mystical mood with devilish but trancy melodies, hypnotic vocal loops and Big Room 90s techno, the remixes are focusing more on a clean but intense rhythmic section building up blessed grooves.

All this achieves a more entertaining and complete 5-track pack for the 4th reference in the catalogue of this record company.

By the way, RX was originally created in Istanbul as one of the more important local brands in Turkey promoting underground electronic music and clubbing sounds. They’ve been with this for 25 years now. But as we well know, right now there is not real chance for new events and parties. So it’s time now for RX Recordings to aim to showcase the skills from local producers with international guests pushing to become the main producer and exporter of World Class Turkish talent in the global electronic music scene. So be it.

You can grab a copy now from HERE

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