Tip D’Oris – Aurora (Lowbit)

Following up an absolute blinder from Erdi Irmak and Caner Sevel, Lowbit’s latest release turns proceedings over to Russia, with an original from Tip D’Oris and remixes from Samotarev and Spacebeat.

Tip D’Oris’s own version of ‘Aurora’ is called the ‘intro mix’, and they weren’t kidding around with the title – you have to wait two and a half minutes for a beat. Unfortunately, the track then only plays for two minutes before we’re treated to a rather extended outro. Those two minutes sandwiched in between are very pleasant with wispy, delicate sounds playing out over a shuffling bass, but there wasn’t any room for the track to develop. The intro felt a bit self-indulgent to me, and I’d have much rather seen Tip D’Oris building those promising two minutes into something more ambitious. As it stands, it felt like it couldn’t quite deliver on the expectations built up by the long wait.

Samotarev is a bit of a newcomer, though some will recognise him from an earlier remix of Tip D’Oris on Balkan Connection. He keeps his remix of ‘Aurora’ pleasingly sparse and tightly-focused, dubby echoes creating a sense of space while a simple off-beat bassline provides a bit of punch. It’s quite low-key, but it’s a nice mood-setter, and my pick of the three versions on offer.

Spacebeat lowers the tempo, but gives the track a heavier feel. The bassline is morphed into a menacing rumble, sonar pings give the track some urgency, and the original’s melodies are deployed to good effect. I would have liked to have seen a bit more variety in the second half of the remix, but overall it’s a solid take on ‘Aurora’ that keeps the essence of the original intact while turning it into something much more DJ-friendly.

This is a surprisingly muted and introspective release from Lowbit, but there’s plenty of atmosphere and nice moments, making for another fine release. 7.5/10


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