Underground Ticket – Into The Blue (Stellar Fountain)

The latest release on Stellar Fountain welcomes Underground Ticket back to the label for a brand new EP.

Underground Ticket - Into The Blue (Stellar Fountain)

The Hungarian artist is making his sixth appearance on what would have to be considered one of his home labels. He’s come on strong this year with releases on ICONYC (formerly 238W Inc.) and Hydrogen, the former where he remixed John Johnson’s classic ‘Impact’ record which was played to death by Sasha and Digweed back in the day. Now returning to Stellar Fountain Underground Ticket presents his much anticipated two track EP entitled ‘Into The Blue’ alongside remixes from Ghoeyash and Synus.

Getting underway with the title track Underground Ticket presents a large, spacious and well carved groove. It’s deeper appeal is undeniable and the complementary tones only add to the mood. Always one to look for strong emotional content the Hungarian then works in gorgeous pads and quirky electronics which ultimately carry the track into a stripped down second act. The introduction of a female vocal definitely steals the show here, it’s subtle and sultry at the same time with some great soulful qualities as well. Not sure who it is but she’s got a gorgeous voice and it perfectly sets up a smooth and slightly tougher conclusion with some strong claps leading the charge. Gorgeous stuff from Underground Ticket. 

The lone remix comes from Ghoeyash who takes it into darker more progressive minded territory which complements the original really well. Aside from a killer tech / prog crossover style groove the vocals have been reprocessed really well for an entirely different and quite sinister vibe. Rising hypnotics meld well with waves of trailing effects while bassy tones add some nice space to the mix. The main break continues the darker narrative with little fanfare as the gaseous moods and quality effects carry quite nicely, perfectly setting up a stripped down third act where those bass tones get a chance to shine. Brilliant mix from Ghoeyash and definitely one his best in recent memory.

The companion piece ‘Homewards’ comes in quite deep as well. It’s meaty groove is full of undulating funk while a nice complement of drums and vocal effects only add to its presence. Dubby tones make for a bit of a late night vibe before a more pronounced tonal theme gets dropped in. The vocal narrative gets explored further with additional samples, again laced with a soulful vibe before a smooth third act closes things out in DJ friendly fashion. 

Closing the release out is the lone remix of ‘Homewards’ by Stellar Fountain label artist Synus. Fresh off his gorgeous ‘Walking In The Rain’ the Hungarian artist delivers more magic with a downtempo version which is not only beautiful but adds great depth and variety to the release. It’s nice to see labels thinking outside of the dance floor and releasing great music whether it works in a DJ set or not. Beautiful release from Stellar Fountain once again. Don’t miss it.


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