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Uruguayan producer Fernando Lagreca unveils another gem from his long-awaited new album

“Lone Condition”, that’s the title for the second single taken from ‘Infamous’, the forthcoming LP from Fernando Lagreca (Uruguayan producer settled for two decades now in Barcelona, Spain) to be released this April 17th –via Beautiful Accident imprint, without a doubt Lagreca’s most eclectic and fearless album in his entire career as a soloist.

The song has it undoubtedly his signature. A vibrant ’90s techno and disco inspired track where the producer performs perfectly well a distinctive way of combining textures with dynamic components. “Lone Condition” structure sounds clubby, melodic and fresh. Fernando is loyal to his passion for analog machines represented this time by arpeggiated synths and a trance-like environment.

In his own words, Lagreca said: “Chosen as the second single, I wanted to advance the more techno sounds of the LP. Although the previous track is on the album varies (“Broken”), the optimism of its ending is replicated here and is enhanced. The name, although it indicates a solitary condition, is only a filter to frame a track full of vigour, where two kicks (one analog thanks to an Elektron and another digital, sampled with total nerve) are combined and going up and down and are the ones that carry the track. This track reminds me of many other things, but not alone, as I said before, the name here is just for namesake—see you on the dance floor!.” 

The release of the 2nd single is accompanied by a new and very interesting to watch music video.

Grab the release:


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