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VA – ADE 2016 Transition (Asymmetric Recordings)

Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings returns this week with an ADE collection full of amazing music.

VA - ADE 2016 Transition (Asymmetric Recordings)

It’s that time of the year and compilations just like this one are everywhere but the diversity and quality of the music really sets this one apart from most. Featured on the release are (in order of appearance) Beat2 feat. Javier Gonzalez, Facundo Mohrr & Valdovinos, Fernando Olaya, Golan Zocher, Kieran J, Maydan, Mel Bell, Nishan Lee and Spike Galarraga.

The collection gets underway with one of the underground’s brightest stars Beat2 who is returning to the label for his second appearance. The Indian artist also boasts a release on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music and kicks the compilation off with ‘Marine Line’ feat. Javier Gonzalez. If you’ve followed Beat2’s productions at all or even his outstanding bootlegs you know what to expect here. Crisp production and a great nose for the dance floor, the manner in which it’s achieved is lovely as well. Simplistic in approach, but the hooks and design are quite fresh sounding and should play well in a broad range of sets.

Next up Facundo Mohrr & Valdovinos give us the deep and enchanting ‘No Escape’. There’s a lot to like about it that’s for sure, from its smooth lines, dubby qualities and varied drums it’s a piece that comes with great hypnotic flow and a killer late night vibe.

That brings us to one of Colombia’s most well known talents Fernando Olaya who is loved throughout the underground for his dark prog-tech sound and releases on Movement Recordings and Traum. Here he goes a bit more melodic than we’ve heard of late and not only is it a nice change but shows he’s quite adept at a variety of styles. The pixie vibes circa 2004-2005 play heavily in this one with its tasteful and childlike melodies all backed by a dry, techno inspired foundation. Superb stuff from Fernando.

Golan Zocher is next with ‘Flight 08’ which takes the vibe back into deep and astral territory. Gorgeous atmospheres and some lovely textural design make this a real joy to listen to while it’s hypnotic qualities bring you to a near meditative state. The transition out of the main break is quite heavenly and I could see this doing some damage in the right back room environment as well. Classy production from Golan.

At the collection’s half way point we see Kieran J returning for his ninth appearance on the label. The Irish artist presents his latest creation ‘Hazy Visions’ which is not only an apt title but also fits the tone of the release perfectly. It’s got that glacial, smooth dubby quality at its core but where it differs is in the musicality department. Lovely mallet-like clusters make for gorgeous moments and the evolving effects and vocal elements sound quite fresh as well. Beautiful track from Kieran.

One of the label A&R’s Maydan is up next and he’s delivered one of the collections most refined and tripped out creations. Played out over ten minutes it’s a bit more intense than the previous cuts and serves as a blueprint in building hypnotic tension. The main break is without a doubt one of the biggest moments on the release with sci-fi, cinematic swell building over two minutes before a wave of white noise drops the groove. Definitely one for a clued up dance floor.

Things go a bit deeper again with Mel Bell and her latest entitled ‘Craving’. Hailing from Germany the Asymmetric regular is making her fifth appearance on the label and provides a punchy, atmospheric creation which once again fits the tone of the release perfectly. The subtle melodies are hugely emotive and the accompanying bass swells only enhance their power. A gorgeous production from Mel.

The collection moves in a more uptempo, progressive minded direction next with one of this year’s brightest new talents Nishan Lee. Beginning in July the Sri Lankan artist presented stunning debuts for Praveen Achary’s Juicebox Music and Michael A’s Genesis Music. Now making his Asymmetric debut Nishan delivers a driving cut that sits comfortably alongside his all time best. Fluid lines are the order of the day here and the piece excels on its hypnotic energy which is quite infectious.

The release concludes with Spike Galarraga making his third appearance on the label following a remix of ‘Can’t See’ by William Medagli & Jose Maria Ramon from September of this year. The Argentinean’s soulful sound is ideal to round out the release and ‘ Erase, Rewind, Payback’ more than fits the bill. Poignant pianos and a drummy, terrace style groove make for many magic moments while a smooth build out of the break seals it brilliance and also rounds out the release on a strong note. Great collection from Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings and just in time for your ADE sets. Don’t miss it.


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