Verve – Sweeps (Remix Edition) [Stellar Fountain]

The latest release on Stellar Fountain finds the label showcasing the newest installment of their ‘Edition’ series with Verve making his debut.

Verve - Sweeps (Stellar Fountain Edition) [Stellar Fountain]

The Aussie artist and FutureForm Music label boss has been quiet this year with just a lone, but hugely impressive EP on Proton Music. Showcased on the release was ‘Sweeps’, a deep, melodic wonder that now sits at the top of his Beatport best sellers list. Stellar Fountain owners and founders Erich Von Kollar and MiraculuM have now updated the track wonderfully for the fall and winter seasons ahead.

Erich Von Kollar is fresh off an amazing remix for Fernando Olaya on ICONYC last week and he keeps that momentum rolling here with a great rendition of ‘Sweeps’. The Hungarian artist’s deep yet tough and proggy vibe is pristinely produced and loaded with groove. Anchored by a sequence of very distinctive bass stabs the piece has an electric feel right away. As the melodic elements get worked into the mix the emotive core of the track comes alive. Vibrant keys and hopeful pads come together in perfect harmonic unison before the centrepiece delivers a solemn air and cinematic drift. It foreshadows a brilliant third act where all those luminous motifs come together for the ultimate road home. Wonderful remix from Erich. 

The second and final interpretation is provided by MiraculuM who much like Erich has been delivering superb work of late. Fresh off his ‘Undelivered’ single on Deersky’s Soundteller Records the Hungarian brings his quirky style to ‘Sweeps’ in a major way. The bass tones have that unique character you tend hear on a lot of MiraculuM’s sound design and it just gets better from there. Highlighted by ethereal melodies and effervescent textures an intense first act leads to a well constructed break of decayed electronics and swirling noise. It’s the perfect prelude to a monstrous third act where Miraculum once again shows his unique ability to create ‘controlled sonic chaos’ with a monumentally charged finale. Massive remix from the Stellar Fountain boss and another great instalment to their ever growing ‘Edition’ series. Highly Recommended.


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