Vlada D’Shake – Layers of Groove / Magelan (Keep Thinking)

Our friends at Keep Thinking return this week with a brand new EP from Vlada D’Shake.

Vlada D'Shake - Layers of Groove / Magelan (Keep Thinking)

The Serbian artist is fresh off two excellent remixes for BC2 and Balkan Connection, the latter of which saw him rework Andres Sobota’s gorgeous ‘Signal’ into a stellar slice of tech-funk. Now making his much anticipated Keep Thinking debut Vlada presents his latest two track EP entitled ‘Layers of Groove / Magelan’.

I’ve remarked before at the uniqueness of Vlada’s production, the low end always brings a fresh approach and his use of vocals and unconventional effects all seems to work together in a remarkably cosmic way. The lead cut here ‘Layers Of Groove’ does precisely that with its mountainous bass stabs and rugged synth work. The low end while quite spacious has a wonderful roll to it and the crisp drum work adds some lovely drive. Additional bass notes get introduced during the main break which fills out the groove but Vlada reins in the effects heavy mid range and adds a melodic motif which delivers a great third act finale. Beautiful stuff from Vlada. 

The companion piece ‘Magelan’ finds Vlada upping the energy and drive just a touch but developing a cool introspective at the same time. The mystical qualities are in abundance here with cross-cultural themes and some timely vocal elements playing off each other nicely. Comparisons to Cid Inc have been made on more than a few occasions and you can definitely hear it in the groove. There’s a bubbly, hypnotic quality that’s just wicked in there and it definitely reminds me of some of Henri’s work. The main break brings little fanfare and it’s absolutely the right approach, there’s a certain meditative quality to this and trying to do something dramatic during the break would definitely detract from that. A super cool track and my fave of the two as well. Wicked stuff from Vlada and a great signing for Keep Thinking. Highly Recommended. 


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