Vlada D’Shake – Spook On EP (Suffused Music)

The 125th release on Suffused Music welcomes Vlada D’Shake to the label for his debut EP.

Vlada D'Shake - Spook On EP

The Serbian producer closed out 2015 riding a wave of hype which has certainly paved the way for big things this year. The long time Cid Inc favourite is fresh off a remix for Praveen Achary’s Juicebox Music and his distinctive sonic traits never cease to amaze. Suffused Music is now pleased to present Vlada’s debut EP for the label entitled ‘Spook On’ which promises to be his finest work to date.

Vlada’s production hallmarks have always set him apart from progressive underground. His twisted designs and crossover cadence is a delight both for your senses and your feet. With ‘Spook On’ we find the Serbian artist creating what might be one of this year’s most creative vocal storyboards. Expertly edited and processed to perfection, the ever evolving audio collage carries the late night groove into the break with a mystical vibe. Orchestral motifs and dubby tones dominate the break before dispersing for the ultimate spoken word narrative. Deep and compelling, with an air filth, the vocals prove incredibly captivating and once the groove ignites it’s dance floor magic. Unique and fascinating work from Vlada.

The companion piece ‘Weird Creation’ finds Vlada going deeper and dubbier with great results. Anchored by a gritty groove the Serbian flawlessly builds contoured tones and metallic stabs into the ultimate rhythmic experience. Esoteric vocals again play a role with everything from precise edits to sweeping shrieks, making for a truly unique sonic experience. Never one to rest on just a few amazing ideas, Vlada continues the evolving journey into the third act with a more relentless approach, highlighted by hypnotic lines and cutting edge effects, ripping through the atmospheric with ferocity. Two outstanding pieces of music from Vlada, both of which stand on their own unique traits and will surely gain him even more praise from the underground. It all makes for a release which is set to be a highlight in the Suffused Music catalog for years to come.


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