We Caught Up With ETCH To chat about his stunning debut on Timeless Moment

ETCH’s “Oasis” EP Is On Sale Now

ETCH is an Egyptian artist dropping a debut release on Timeless Moment that features two collaborative tracks. One made with Russian based Tworall and the other with fellow Egyptian artist BSKF.

With a spiritual vibe and epic melodies, we decided to chat with ETCH about his new release, and find out about his other forthcoming projects…

Hi ETCH, can you start by telling us about yourself, and how you first got into electronic music?

Hello Guys, So Glad to be sharing with you my career journey here today, So I was born in Cairo then I moved to Sharm el Shiekh where I had the beginning of getting signals about my music directions and my passion towards electronic music, I spent most of the time there In Venues Such Pacha, Ministry of Sound and Space Sharm seeing and listening to biggest names worldwide few meters from my home, Moving to London after had a great impact in my musical taste once you get the taste of being in Fabric, EGG London or somewhere in east London on Sunday in of those great parties, all that definitely defines how I reacted and approached my music career, Maceo plex, Jamie Jones, Maya Jane coles you can name many and many from such cool names are seen on regular basis in the UK definitely played huge role in getting me attached to electronic music

Could you talk us through your new track “Oasis”, and the EP that it features on?

Oasis is the voice of the desert as you hear the distorted sounds of the desert hot air and the Arabian vibes should take you to the oasis, it will be released on the amazing Timeless moment with another track in the EP with my Egyptian friends BSKF

How did you meet the team behind the Timeless Moment label who released your new EP, and is this your first release for the imprint?

I liked the label since the start and was always looking forward to their releases, I like morttagua music also which directed me towards the label in the first place and now I am definitely glad that we are working together, yes it’s my first release on the label

What’s been your proudest moment to date?

the moment when you get to see the people understand the message behind your music, Personally I am coming from African pharaonic background and my music reflects where I am coming from so the proudest moment when I see this message is clear for listeners and see how you can send great vibes through the music to them and see them reacting positively and cheerfully

Have there been any big-name DJ’s support your music, and who is the DJ/producer that inspires you the most?

I got nice feedback about what I present from Black Coffee, Paco Osuna,BOg., Cid Inc, Rafael Cerato, Danito & Athina, Lonya, Darin Epsilon, Paul Anthonee, Haze-M and many more!!

What’s next in your schedule after the Oasis EP?

We have an Another amazing EP coming soon on Timeless Moment also, and working on some cool stuff on the way with Betoko, Haze-M, Monastetiq & Mel7em

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers about?

I would love to thank them all for sure for supporting us as artists all the way, am also glad that there is still such ways for artists to speak more about his journey with music through the years in our modern fast life connecting with the audience to know about your music message is very important, thanks for the nice talk, wish you best of luck

You can pick up a copy of Etch’s new release on Timeless Moment from HERE


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