We spoke to Claude about his Top 5 Dirtybird releases over the years.

Celebrating 15 years of his label Dirtybird, Claude VonStroke has had a stellar start to 2020. Releasing his fourth album ‘Freaks & Beaks’ in February, he recently followed that up with a very fitting club-ready single ‘I’m Solo’ – an ode to life during lockdown, which he emphasised by editing, filming and producing the music video for the track.


1. Dood – Claude VonStroke 

Explanation: There are too many tracks to pick from so this list is just my gut reaction. There are maybe better tracks but I always loved this one. It’s still the only surfer techno track ever made. And I’m still mad I didn’t make this music video because it was a such a great idea of aliens surfing with Gidget in the 60’s after smoking a huge joint together.

2. Snuffaluffagus – Get Real 

Explanation: Everyone would expect me to pick Mind Yo Business or Jolean but this one has the real underground panty dropper hot sauce in my opinion. It’s not entirely perfect but the bassline is – and I got to work with my hero Green Velvet once again! This is in my fav folder.

3. Iz tha Shit – Walker & Royce & Ardalan 

Explanation: A track I wish I made. When I heard it for the first time i almost l literally freaked out and I was on the dance floor! Ardalan oddball goodness mixed with W&R’s mastery of sound. This track is a sleeper. It’s got every inch of funk to be in my top 5. If it was a penis it would be at least 10 inches.

4. Who’s Afraid of Detroit – Claude VonStroke 

Explanation: So obvious yes I know, but still. This track changed my life and it just so happened to be about my hometown so it had a double impact for me. I also love the sound of it even now. It’s very warm and cozy. The sauce is in the DnB 808s mixed with the Detroit pads. Who would have ever thought it all came out of a bootleg copy of Reason 3.0.

5. The Southern Draw – Justin Martin & Sammy D 

Explanation: This track is still one of the most oddball tracks on the entire label and we led off with it on release number 1. When I look back at the whole 15 years I’m happy that this track was the first. I can imagine someone listening to it and saying something like… well I hope these guys have day jobs.

Watch Claude VonStroke’s ‘I’m Solo’ video:


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