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AFFKT Defies Genres With His Epic New Release On Disco Halal

Available In Stores on the 4th of October

AFFKT is one of Spain’s premier electronic music artists who along with heading up the Sincopat label has also featured his melodic style on Culprit, Suara and Selador amongst many others.

Disco Halal is the latest label to feature his music with a single-track release titled “Boon” which allows the Spanish maestro of melodic house to showcase the more experimental side of his melodic house style.

With a subdued start Boon turns into something of a monster getting ever more boisterous as the track progresses toward the crescendo of the final breakdown.

Squelching acid overlaid by suffering percussion and chanting vocals there is tribal vibe fused with ravey elements and explosive energy.

This is a little more up-tempo than what some might expect from Disco Halal, and its unique vibe is quite genre-defying, but it wouldn’t sound out of place in a melodic house or cosmic disco set.

You can pre-order a copy now from HERE


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