Does Alpha Particle Assembly’s Techno Expand Consciousness?

Alpha Particle Assembly (Alexandru Dima) celebrated his label’s Consumed Music’s hundredth release with possibly the most insane remix package we’ve ever witnessed. Here he gives us the lowdown on the label and what the future hold

Hi Alex – firstly congrats on making over 100 releases. How did you manage to enlist the help of all those amazing remixers on your centenary release?

Hello and thank you! It was indeed a big project that took me nearly one year to accomplish. I aimed to not only bring together my favourite artists, but also to bring diversity to the release style-wise, sound-wise, and to add the personal touches of each of these musicians to already an iconic tune by Felix Kröcher. The result exceeded my expectations, as became a celebration of music as it mediated between countries, cultures and timezones.

Where does the label name come from? And what inspired you to start it?

The name was born to celebrate the miracle of creative process; many of us who tirelessly follow their dreams and pursuing their goals, are familiar with this fire of passion that burns inside and powers us every day, we are becoming so consumed by it that no other things exist anymore. I started the label to create a platform for the artists as consumed by their music as myself.

What’s your vision for it? Do you have a goal in mind?

Both the vision and the goal are to release great music, well produced, with complex composition and sound design.

Would you say Consumed Music has its own distinct sound?

There are few ways I am selecting label’s future releases. I am always looking for combinations of sound and composition that are creating a special mental tension on the dance floor, deep, dark, somewhat psychedelic and with unique out-of-the-box elements, that are ought to expand consciousness in addition to bodily grooves. I would also always try to test the tracks on the dance floor as this is a great indication for me that the track is able to create this special atmosphere I am looking for. As music is reflection of our world, it is not static, so every time these goals being achieved in different ways by different artists. And I must say that all those who participated in all the 100 releases made their input in shaping the label.

Which releases are you most proud of over the past 4 years?

Each release, from the first till the latest, reflect a certain moment for the label. A process of releasing a record brings as well a closer connection with the artist, it’s a teamwork where both sides inspire and influence one another, and the result is always unique and valuable. Each release on Consumed had a value at it’s own moment, as well as took part in label’s evolution. This is why I am proud of each and every of them.

Your new album ‘Perpetual Motion’ is out now under your Alpha Particle Assembly moniker. How long was this in the making?

I completed this album in 6 months. I never knew or estimated how long it will take, I was just curious to see the depth I would go into my production knowledge, and where the inspiration would take me. I didn’t even know how many tracks will be there. Just when I finished the last one, I knew the story was complete.

Talk to us about the music scene like where you’re based plus how often are you playing?

Over the past years I’ve mainly play in Netherlands and Western Germany. I always enjoy myself playing, thanks to the energy of the crowd. They are always curious to hear new music, open to experimentation and seeing new acts. Techno is one of the most loved genres here, so a lot of events are happening, which gives artists an inspiration to develop and canvas to test and deliver their ideas.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from this industry so far?

Perseverance and embracing the new.

What are the biggest challenges that you currently face in the industry as a label owner? DJs reacting to promos? Piracy? Beatport margins? How people send you demos?

All these I do not really see as challenges; they are more of a dynamic elements of this realm. I am curious every day navigating these elements, learning these dynamics, they are fascinating me and helping develop, I believe.

What support do you give your artists and what advice would you give anyone looking to get signed on your label?

Being on the label, the artists get solid exposure. Examples, the label is frequently played by Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Solomun, Roberto Capuano, Sam Paganini, Dense&Pika, to name some. Many label’s artists, including myself, were further discovered by bigger labels, after releasing on Consumed. My main advise of course is be yourself, because only when you do what you love most, you can give your best, and this is what I want for Consumed.


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