Christopher Kah Starts His New ECHO LIVE Project Using Roland MC-707 & Roland TR-8S

Christopher Kah kick-starts his ECHO LIVE project using Roland MC-707 & Roland TR-8S to give light to his new 45 minute live show

French producer Christopher Kah, is a self-taught and multi-talented instrumentalist. With over a decade’s worth of experience composing music, he now launches his exciting ECHO LIVE project with his new EP ‘Wasteland’.

His new release sees Christopher partner up with Roland, showing two live sets with only two machines, using the Roland MC-707 and Roland TR-8S. This captivating concept was also shot with two clips to show it in full action, with one in a disused factory and the other in a minimalist studio.

Here’s Christopher Kah using his ever-impressing skills on both Roland machines…

(Image credits – Grégory Massat)


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