Envel – Black Yard EP (Prospect Records)

“Prospect Records” continues its statement of intent with a powerful Ep from “Envel”


“Hollen’s” fantastic label imprint “Prospect” is really providing us with a release schedule to savor. Just as we are all enjoying and playing the current release with “Hollen” and “Mr. Bizz” this new crafted exhibit lands on our doorstep from Spanish based artist “Envel” and it’s very good.

“Envel” I have to admit isn’t an artist I’m over familiar with but after a quick search on Beaport and his soundcloud page I’ve found an artist that has a number of works that are quality driven and Id say quite unique sounding. If you also do the same you will find current releases and collaborations with “Envel” & “Raul Mezcolanza” including a remix from no other than the legendary “Joey Beltram”, some cool DJ sets and you will notice that this is an artist who’s already engaging the eardrums of the like of “Umek”, Mladen Tomic and of course “Hollen “ himself.

Getting into the tracks we have a three-track power driven experience starting with the title track “ “Black Yard”. This is track that starts off in perfect Techno fashion with tightly worked drums that are slightly distorted in sound but worked in the right way. It builds with sided chained embedded rhythms to be technical but its something that also provides airiness. The surprising element of the track is a melodic synth line, which is introduced around a dynamic break and then it kicks on from there with more power.

Next we have “Outbreak” which instantly you will notice has quite a wider spectrum sound and more transient in the way it builds. Its a lot deeper in its mood from the outset with a kind of a deeper house / progressive element. Once again we have a great synth chord type riff introduced, which is slightly 80’s sounding as the hypnotic techno groove morphs behind it.

The last featured title but certainly not least is “Stabbed” – This starts of quite dark sounding with a stabby synth hit which might be expected hence the title. The stabby synth hit acts as like a rhythmic point of reference until other synth lines are introduced and then its like a call and response between the synth parts. Again its quite hypnotic with a tinge of 80’s melodic but nicely done.

Over all a great release from an emerging artist in “Envel” and more insistent power play from “Prospect” once again.

Review by Blue Amazon – Rated 8/10


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