Flashmob Slams Average Producers Churning Out Music For Money

Milan’s House music maestro Flashmob is experiencing a stellar start to 2018 with releases already slated on Kompakt, Gigolo, Hot Creations, Elrow, Sola and Get Physical. With his own imprint ‘Flashmob Records’ getting on everyone’s radar too, we caught up with the man himself…

What inspired you to create Flashmob Records?

Flashmob: At first, the most important thing was being fed up waiting on other labels to reply and then, of course, at the time having the opportunity to do our own thing in terms off experimenting with new sounds etc…

Now, it’s more about business and giving younger talented producers the opportunity to find a platform that will treat them well. Putting some love in the industry and being part of it’s evolution is a desire that someone in my position has at a certain stage.

What does Flashmob Records bring to the scene and how does it standout from the rest?

Flashmob: I think the label has established itself in the past year for being a high quality credible imprint. It brings very young, often unknown producers (mostly from Italy but not only) to the public’s attention; recently DMCWorld defined my label as the new leading Italian House & Tech House music label.

I think what really stands out is how much work and passion I put into it. I release nearly every week and once a month on her sister label, Flashmob LTD. All with valid press and premieres and all promoted accordingly, it’s a big job to pull off.

What aspect do you find the hardest about running a record label within today’s climate and why?

Flashmob: A lot of producers release a couple of times and grow an ego, that’s the main problem. Also, I usually show people that are not in this game for the music but simply to play a role or exercise power in some way the door, in a nice way but with no hesitance!

What are Flashmob Records’ highlights

Flashmob: Highlights have been nearly every week featured on Beatport and more and more present within their Top 100 Tech House charts. I guess that is a huge achievement although I still prefer to deliver quality music than reign the charts if you know what I mean, but a little bit of both is great 🙂

What release are you most proud of and why?

Flashmob: Definitely Tolstoi & Andsan with “So Many” and “Love Me” by the Di Chiara brothers. I’m also in love with the Max Chapman remix of my track “Drop The Bass”.

How important is it for a label to take risks and experiment?

Flashmob: It’s fundamental and this is what makes my label stand out. I’m not releasing all the usual names all the other labels are, I’m releasing music by new artists that then other labels might also want to release music from. That’s what experimenting and taking risks is all about, because you never know if people will pick up on a certain sound or if an artist will be successful, you just got to take the risk!

Do you have a dream artist that you’d like to release on the label?

Flashmob: Carl Craig probably.

What’s your opinion on the current state of the Tech House scene?

Flashmob: I think everyone is more concentrated on making the little money you can make rather than actually adding something to the electronic scene these days.

What’s the best way of getting a track signed to Flashmob Records?

Flashmob: Either you follow the correct steps you find on the label’s FB page or you get to me through someone I know, the world is small guys and personal relations are the best way always in my opinion.

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