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Navar – You Find [Replug]

Replug Records continues its 2018 journey by welcoming Navar to the label for his debut EP. Through releasing material on Guy J’s Lost & Found Records and Canadian behemoth microCastle, the Dutch artist emerged in 2014, firmly establishing himself in the world of deep melodic house. More recently Navar lent his talents to the long standing Belgian Events brand EDGE, launching their new imprint alongside a remix from Guy J as 2017 came to a close. The Dutch artist now steps into the new year with his long awaited debut for Cid Inc’s Replug Records. Beginning with the EP’s title track ‘You Find’ it becomes evidently clear what a unique talent Navar has become. The near twelve minute opus effortlessly melds elements of minimal, deep house, progressive and electronica, for a free flowing journey that has become a synonymous and inimitable style of the Dutch artist. Deep and fluid throughout, it’s delicate motifs and organic designs are mysterious yet emotive, backed by a warm, pulsating groove, underpinning the track and translating it’s spiritual message to the dance floor.

Mike Griego – Ceres [Flow Vinyl]

Pena’s Flow Vinyl kicks 2018 off in fine style with a brand new EP from Mike Griego. It’s been over a year since we’ve heard new music from the Argentinean artist, who remains one of his country’s top talents. October of 2016 saw the release of his ‘What Lies Beyond’ EP courtesy of Guy Mantzur’s Plattenbank Records. Having appeared on Flow once previously with the highly memorable ‘Mocca Sunset’ (in collaboration with Stas Drive), Mike now returns with the ‘Ceres’ EP. Starting off on a deeper note is the title track ‘Ceres’ which sets a high dance floor sensibility early. On a backbone of contoured bass stabs comes fresh percussive elements and a gentle complement of airy effects. The introduction of a vocal narrative has a dynamic effect on the storyboard, full of character and soul, sparsely placed for maximum stimulation, ultimately setting up a break of wistful musicality. Surely one of Mike’s most diverse and mature productions to date.

Simos Tagias – Feel Alive [Just Movement]

The 52nd release on Just Movement welcomes Simos Tagias back to the label for his debut EP. The Greek artist made his debut on the Dutch imprint in November of 2014 with a remix of ‘Regeneration’ by Stergios. April of 2017 saw Simos return, putting a unique twist on ‘Feeling’ by George Ledakis & Xiasou ft. Anna Maria X. Now as 2018 begins Simos makes a much anticipated return presenting his debut EP entitled ‘Feel Alive’. Spread across two tracks it’s the title piece ‘Feel Alive’ which headlines the release. Clocking in at over ten minutes it’s an expansive journey through warm grooves, fluid rhythms and serendipitous melodies. Airy and playful in equal measure, the first act sets up the heavenly break perfectly. Pixie-like motifs and swirling atmospherics converge for an exhilarating crescendo, as the groove drops and you’re carried closer to the heavens. A powerful yet elegant slice of progressive house from Simos and perhaps one of his all time best.

Kamilo Sanclemente & Golan Zocher – My Shelter feat. Velveta (Version 1) [MNL]

Paul Hazendonk’s MNL imprint continues its assault on the progressive underground this week with a new single from Kamilo Sanclemente and Golan Zocher. The currently on fire duo have been staples both in the sets of Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren as well as Beatport’s progressive house charts. Now teaming up for yet another much anticipated single the duo present their latest creation ‘My Shelter’. Featuring the vocals of Velveta ‘My Shelter’ comes in two forms. Version 1 comes with all the progressive fanfare you’d expect with a warm galloping groove, simple yet catchy hooks and once the break down eventually hits the gorgeous breathy vocals of Velveta. Understated in a way, yet all the more emotive as a result, they deliver a poignant storyboard during the two minute plus interlude, perfectly setting up the groovy finale.

Antrim & Luis Bondio – Us And Them (Stelios Vassiloudis Remix) [Or Two Strangers]

Or Two Strangers kicks off 2018 in style with a brand new collaboration from label boss Antrim and Luis Bondio. The Argentinean duo have been frequent studio partners over the years, showcasing their music on Nick Warren’s Hope Recordings, Sound Avenue and Luis’ own Classound Recordings. Now following up their well received ‘Baby Blue’ single from November of last year Antrim and Luis present their latest single ‘Us And Them’. The first interpretation of ‘Us And Them’ is provided by Stelios Vassiloudis who is making his debut on the label. The Greek artist has been a mainstay of John Digweed’s Bedrock Records over the course of his fifteen year career, while recent discography highlights also include outings for Armadillo, Poker Flat and Selador. Now making his much anticipated debut on Or Two Strangers Stelios takes ‘Us And Them’ into deeper, dubbier territory with great results. The Greek artist has effortlessly melded elements of dub techno and tech house for a production that’s sure to find favour with a broad range of DJs. Subtle strokes from the original add to a delicate yet emotive storyboard, ultimately peaking during the second of two breaks.

Li-Polymer – Complexo [One Of A Kind]

One Of A Kind continues a strong start to 2018 by inviting Li-Polymer back to the label for a brand new EP. The Portuguese artist made his debut on the Swedish imprint in April of 2016 with his ‘Red Magic Light’ single. Remixes of Nicholas Van Orton and Antrim followed over the next year, intertwined with releases on Movement Recordings and Sudbeat Music. Now as 2018 begins Li-Polymer returns to One Of A Kind for his debut EP entitled ‘Leaves Without Shadows’. Something special started to happen with Li-Polymer’s productions a few years back and he has continued to fine tune this fresh approach with each successive outing. Leading the release off is ‘Complexo’ which comes with a wealth of interesting design qualities. Everything from its frayed percussive clusters to muted kicks and ethereal melodies sound ultra-fresh. The luminous motifs sit in glowing contrast to the growling underbelly, making for an emotional yet heady journey. Not an easy thing to accomplish.

SpeakOf & Santini – Ethereal [False Face Music]

False Face Music opens up the new year with a brand new EP from label owners SpeakOf and Santini. Based in Toronto, the Canadian duo has gotten the year off to a great start gig wise, opening for Maceo Plex at the city’s renowned Coda nightclub. 2017 was filled with highlights for False Face with Kolsch, Nicole Moudaber, Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo, Blond:ish and several other top talents showcasing the imprints output. The label gained a solid presence across the deep house and techno spectrums while creeping into nu-progressive territory as well. The duos ‘Ethereal’ EP has been much anticipated and judging from the DJ feedback it looks to be their most sought after release to date. Beginning with the title track you get an immediate sense of what fine sonic craftsman the duo are. On a backbone of commanding beats runs a perfectly contoured groove with just the right amount of modular diversity, providing a fluid foundation for buzzing synths and melodic motifs to work their magic over. Aptly coined the main break does push the ethereal boundaries with a tasteful build and free flowing harmonics. The scope is quite massive and no doubt something that would find favour with anyone from Solomun to Guy J.

Robert R. Hardy – Before The Fall [SoulArt Recordings]

SoulArt Recordings kicks off 2018 with a hugely anticipated EP from Robert R. Hardy. The Hungarian artist launched the label in a major way last year with his critically acclaimed debut album. Now regarded as one of the leaders in the progressive house new school Robert presents his ‘Before The Fall’ artist showcase. I’m not sure Robert has ever been better than what we heard on his album last year but the four tracks covered here more than rival it. Beginning with the title piece where the Hungarian explores deeper shades of melodic house. It’s laid back groove is quite roomy with warm, pulsating swells welcoming you into their harmonious swing. The melodic complement is subtle and that’s where the magic lies. There’s a gorgeous seaside atmosphere here and it’s radiant glow would sound perfect in the sets of many deep house DJs.

Alessandro Diga – The Void [Manual Music]

Alessandro Diga opens up his 2018 journey with the third and final single from his ‘Figments of my Imagination’ LP. Released in July of 2017 courtesy of Paul Hazendonk;s Manual Music, the 11 track opus went on to critical acclaim for its musical and stylistically diverse approach. What’s most compelling about Alessandro’s latest offering is that along with a new remix from Teho it offers a sneak peak at what the Dutch artist has been working on for 2018. Fusing genres is something which comes naturally to Alessandro and his new offering ‘The Void’ is further evidence of that. On a backbone of rough, broken beats comes pixie-like harmonies, shuffling percussion and a tantalizing arp, which shifts the narrative wonderfully during the tracks centrepiece. For a composition that only clocks in a six and a half minutes it accomplishes a lot and it’s this concise approach which makes it’s such an interesting and wholeheartedly, stimulating listen.

Dizharmonia – Devir (Danito & Athina Remix) [Movement Recordings]

The 158th release on Tash’s Movement Recordings welcomes Dizharmonia to the label for their debut EP. Hailing from Athens, Greece, the duo’s unique blend of progressive and techno has seen them appear on a wide array of esteemed imprints including Stil Vor Talent, and Ritter Butzke Studio. Now making their much anticipated Movement Recordings debut, Dizharmonia presents their ‘Trigonon’ EP. The lone interpretation of ‘Devir’ is provided by Danito and Athina who return to the label for their third appearance. The German duo made their first appearance on the Greek imprint in January of 2017 with a remix of ‘Syracusse’ by Mariano Mellino and John Cosani. The month of May saw them return for their first EP entitled ‘Sargas’ which enjoyed an extended stay in Beatport’s Progressive House charts. It was a breakout year for Danito & Athina, as the duo racked up releases on Stil Vor Talent, Culprit and Crossfrontier Audio. Now getting 2018 off to a similarly sensational start the duo provide a stellar interpretation of ‘Devir’. With a more progressive minded sensibility it complements the original nicely as a rolling groove anchors the piece while cosmic motifs adorn the framework. An expansive break advances the storyboard, creating further dramatic scope before a stripped back drop seals it’s brilliance. A powerful remix from Danito and Athina which caps off another strong outing for Tash’s Movement Recordings.

Dousk and Jorgio Kioris – Ozaki 8 (Kamilo Sanclemente & Golan Zocher Remix) [Juicebox Music]

Praveen Achary’s Juicebox Music begins 2018 with a collaboration from two of Greece’s most loved artists, Dousk and Jorgio Kioris. The former cut his chops through releases on John Digweed’s Bedrock Records in 2004 before going on to appear on Vapour Recordings and GU Music. More recently Dousk has been showcasing his productions on Movement Recordings and Proton Music which sit amongst the elite imprints in modern day progressive house. Meanwhile Jorgio Kioris has also found a home on Movement Recordings as well as being the owner and founder of Greece’s Bloque Music Festival. Having previously collaborated on John Johnson’s ICONYC imprint in 2016, Dousk and Jorgio now present their second co-produced effort for Juicebox Music entitled ‘Ozaki 8’. One of the hottest production duos in progressive house over the last year has undoubtedly been Kamilo Sanclemente & Golan Zocher. The duo has been a staple in Beatport’s track and release charts where their fresh club friendly take on the genre has captured the imagination of music lovers and DJs alike. Their ‘Ozaki’ interpretation brings more musical magic, overhauling the main themes into something more ethereal and progressively pure. Bound to be a favourite of Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo, it’s melancholic break, free flowing groove and vocal fragments meld together for an unforgettable sonic collage.

SEQU3L – Our Summer Trips [Soundteller Records]

Deersky’s Soundteller Records continues its 2018 journey in a big way this week with a brand new single from SEQU3L. Hailing from India, Nakul Ambilkar aka SEQU3L has long been regarded as one of his country’s top progressive house exports. Releases on Juicebox Music and Movement Recordings highlight his discography and he now adds Soundteller to his portfolio with the much anticipated ‘Our Summer Trips’. One of if not the biggest tracks in SEQU3L’s discography is ‘Timelapse’ and ‘Our Summer Trips’ is certainly on par with it. The peak time sensibility it carries is undeniable and it begins with a warm, hefty groove complete with heavy swing. Like all SEQUEL productions the electronics are super crisp and come with intricate detail but it’s the quality of hooks which are astounding. So rhythmic and free flowing it’s just hard not to fall in love with this one. A definite dance floor killer.

Paul Kardos – Main Theme (Soluna Remix) [Clubsonica Records]

The 40th release from Clubsonica Records welcomes Paul Kardos to the label for his debut single. The Hungarian artist is fresh off his best year to date, highlighted by releases on Perspectives Digital and Soundteller Records. The Hernan Cattaneo favourite now begins 2018 with the much anticipated ‘Main Theme’. The first interpretation of ‘Main Theme’ is provided by Soluna who is making his fifth appearance on the label. As one of Clubsonica’s core artists, the Colombian has grown into a master storyteller, with many of his productions passing the ten minutes threshold and unfolding into captivating journeys. His ‘Main Theme’ interpretation is no different coming in just under ten minutes and offering a wealth of scintillating sonic artefacts. It’s smooth first act is both emotive and anticipatory, leading to an expansive break. At just over two minutes the centerpiece is a journey through cross cultural motifs and mesmerizing electronics, almost trance-like in a way and building in waves before the groove does finally drop for that magic moment.

Antrim – Carnatica (Jorgio Kioris Remix) [Or Two Strangers]

Label boss Antrim steps into the spotlight once again with a brand new single for his Or Two Strangers imprint. In just over a year the Argentinean artist has developed the label into one of the finest outlets for contemporary progressive house. Now following a collaboration with fellow countryman Luis Bondio, Antrim returns with ‘Carnatica’. The second and final interpretation is provided by Jorgio Kioris who is also making his label debut. The Greek artist and Bloque music founder had an impressive 2017, highlighted by releases on Asymmetric Recordings, One Of A Kind and Hookah Records. Now following a single for Tash’s Movement Recordings to begin the new year, Jorgio makes his first appearance on Or Two Strangers with a superb rendition of ‘Carnatica’. Staying true to the main themes from the original it’s the Greek artists penchant for warm, contoured grooves that makes this such a dance floor gem. Add to that a cascading motif and cross-cultural vocal and you’ve got a stellar nine minute journey to cap off the release. More progressive house brilliance from Antrim’s Or Two Strangers imprint which continues to grow as 2018 moves forward.

Facundo Mohrr – Under (Dead-Tones Remix) [Magician On Duty]

Magician On Duty returns this week, welcoming Facundo Mohrr to the label for his debut single. With a career that began in 2006 the Argentinean artist has traversed the waters between deep and progressive house through releases on L’enfant terrible, Natura Sonoris, Shanti Moscow Radio, Sudbeat Music and Sound Avenue. Now making his debut on the burgeoning Magician On Duty imprint Facundo presents his latest single ‘Under’. The first interpretation is provided by Dead-Tones who is making his first appearance on Magician On Duty. Based in Los Angeles by way of Paris and Beirut Dead-Tones has been carving out a unique place in the deep house underground with releases on Dialtone, Kindisch and Motek Music. Here he delivers one of his all time best remixes taking ‘Under’ into deeper, funkier territory. The progressive essence of the original gets washed away here with a reshaped groove and housier rhythmic core. The vocal elements have also been utilized to perfection, reprocessed and feathered for maximum emotive effect. A mildly quirky yet still ethereal third act provides the icing on the cake so to speak, making for a stunning nine minute journey.

TH;EN – Pajaro [ICONYC]

John Johnson’s ICONYC imprint continues a strong start to 2018 by welcoming TH;EN to the label for their debut EP. The German duo have been hotly tipped of late with impressive releases on Movement Recordings and Click Records. Now making their first appearance on ICONYC, TH;EN presents their Pajaro’ EP alongside a remix from Starkato. Having built a reputation for being on the cutting edge of progressive techno, TH;EN showcases exactly that on the EPs title cut. On a back bone of wobby bass tones and eerie effects comes detailed percussion and a moderately twisted vocal loop. Leading into the break a tonal theme brings a gorgeous ethereal quality, shifting energy with melodic overlays and a classy build into a glowing finale.

Reyul Mather – Mixteca Song (Mindmusik & Stasik T Remix) [Stellar Fountain]

Up and coming producer Reyul Mather makes his Stellar Fountain debut this week with ‘Mixteca Song’. The Mexican artist made his production debut in July of 2015 with a release on Central Dogma Records before going on to record singles and remixes for 3xA Music, Capital Heaven and Qilla Records. Reyul now presents his first single for Stellar Fountain alongside two strong remixes. The release concludes with Mindmusik & Stasik T providing the final remix following an outing on label subsidiary Astrowave inNovember of 2017. Now for their first production of the new year the much loved duo bring a classic feel to ‘Mixteca Song’ with a fun, swing heavy framework and boundless energy. It’s well contoured groove is full of undulating character which the intertwined melodies work perfectly over, seemingly growing in intensity across its near nine minute journey. Three excellent versions here, all of which could find a place on the dance floor at very different times of the night. Another well put together release from Stellar Fountain and a great debut on the label for Reyul Mather, who is definitely a name to watch.

Giddyhead – There Came (Superlounge Remix) [Sound Avenue]

Madloch’s Sound Avenue imprint kicks off 2018 by showcasing new interpretations of Giddyhead’s ‘There Came’. Cesar Lopez aka Giddyhead has found a comfortable home on the Belgian imprint with this being his fourth appearance. The Argentinean artist has also been a mainstay of Sound Avenue affiliate Crossfade Sounds, most notably with Mindy Jones (of Moby fame) on ‘Angel’. Cesar’s knack for creating fluid, organic sound stories is quite renowned. One of the first DJ’s to latch onto his sound was Hernan Cattaneo, consistently featuring the Argentine’s music in both his live sets and monthly charts. ‘There Came’ was no exception, appearing on the legendary DJ’s Resident Radioshow in May of 2014. Now as 2018 begins Sound Avenue invites Superlounge and Till Kruger to re-interpret the track for the new year. Hailing from Dusseldorf, Superlounge have been crafting their unique take on deep house since 2006, amassing a discography highlighted by releases on All Day I Dream, Endless and Get Weird. Now getting 2018 off to a strong start the German duo takes ‘There Came’ into their world of late night house. Dubby tones and meditative rhythms set the piece in motion, building an effortless cadence, as layered beats and neatly tailored percussion carve out the groovy framework. Esoteric designs andluminous tones highlight the main break, shifting the narrative further into late night territory and ultimately a satisfying finale.

Alejo Gonzalez & Max Blade – Secret Room (Matias Chilano Remix) [Balkan Connection]

Balkan Connection’s latest finds Alejo Gonzalez & Max Blade collaborating on a brand new single. The Argentinean duo have an impressive discography having recently released a single on Nick Warren’s The Soundgarden and also remixing Nick and Guy Mantzur’s progressive house classic ‘Sad Robot’ for Bedrock Records. Now making their debut on Balkan Connection the duo presents their new single entitled ‘Secret Room’. First up on the remixes is Matias Chilano who in addition to having a stellar four track EP for Movement Recordings in the pipeline is fresh off remixes for Juicebox Music and SoulArt Recordings. Now considered a veteran of the Argentinean scene Matias puts a deeper, groovier spin on ‘Secret Room’. It’s warm, chunky foundation is ultra smooth and the melodic motifs which adorn the framework are not only astral in design but positively glowing.

Day By Day – Babylon (Tim Penner Remix) [Slideways]

Tim Penner’s Slideways Music welcomes the hotly tipped duo Day By Day to the label for their debut EP. Based in Montreal, Canada Jesse Zotti & Scott James make up the Day By Day production moniker. They got the project off to a great start in 2017 with releases on Beat Boutique and Plaisirs Sonores Records. Now continuing to build momentum as 2018 begins, Day By Day presents their much anticipated Slideways debut. The lone interpretation of ‘Babylon’ is provided by Slideways label boss Tim Penner. The Canadian artist closed out 2017 on a high note with his ‘The Gatekeeper’ EP for John OO Fleming’s JOOF Aura imprint dominating the Beatport progressive house and techno charts. A four month break has made his remix all the more anticipated and it closes the release out with all the fire we’ve come to expect from one of Canada’s premier progressive house artists. The tempo comes up quite a bit and so too does the energy, as electric swells intertwine with the chugging groove. The main break steals the show though, with cascading motifs and meditative pulses slowly melting down into a flurry of claps as the rousing groove drops for a magic moment. A killer remix from Tim which sets a high standard for the rest of 2018.

Roger Martinez – Oversoul (Kosmas Remix) [Asymmetric Recordings]

Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings welcomes progressive house phenom Roger Martinez to the label for his debut single. Revered for his pristine and stylistically diverse productions Roger has found a home on Flow Vinyl, Lost & Found, Replug, GEM Records, Sudbeat Music and more. The eventual collaboration with Lonya’s burgeoning Asymmetric imprint seemed inevitable and comes in the form of ‘Oversoul’. The lone interpretation is provided by Kosmas who is also making his label debut. In one form or another the Greek producer has been a mainstay of the electronic underground for fifteen years, with a discography highlighted by releases on Akbal, Iboga, Movement Recordings and Sudbeat. Always a proficient remixer, Kosmas takes ‘Oversoul’ into more driving energetic territory. A fuller, fluid low end creates a burning pace while a catchy arp works some magic over the top. The second act is a tale of two breaks, the first shifting energy through modulation on the arp while the second sees a slow burning decay set up a classy drop perfectly. Another on the money remix from Kosmas and with Roger delivering another stunning original this is a can’t miss release from Asymmetric Recordings. Highly Recommended.

Paul Hazendonk – Derelicte [Manual Music]

Paul Hazendonk returns to his Manual Music home base, debuting the first installment of his signature series. 2017 was a fruitful one for the Dutch artist, releases on SOSO, Modern Agenda and 90Watts highlighted his discography while his stable of imprints continued to dominate the Beatport charts. His signature series not only rings in the new year but marks a new chapter in his career, one where his timeless sound will reach an even broader spectrum of dance floors and music lovers around the globe. The first cut ‘Derelicte’ brings a healthy dose of tech-funk to lead the EP off. It’s tough, tightly knitframework, chunky groove and delicate arp makes for a rousing first act. A spacey break then builds beautifully, creating drama without losing its contemporary feel, before a timely drop brings the journey to a purring conclusion. For an artist who has been blazing his own trail for over a decade this is a stunning EP and no doubt a prelude of two more excellent installments still to come in the ‘Signature Series’.

Onez!e – Jasper (Bablak Remix) [Superordinate Music]

The latest from Superordinate Music finds the label showcasing new interpretations of ‘Jasper’ by Onez!e. Originally released in June of 2017 as part of the ‘Colours’ EP the Canadian artist’s progressive gem now gets updated for 2018. The second and final interpretation is provided by Bablak who is making his label debut. The Russian artist has enjoyed a quick rise in the progressive house underground with standout releases on Balkan Connection, Clinique Recordings, Soundteller Records and Stellar Fountain. Here he gets 2018 off to a great start with a top notch rendition of ‘Jasper’. The tempo comes down a bit for something that is much deeper and more spacious in design. The emotive pull of track can’t be ignored as the main break showcases a celestial storyboard which gently drifts back to the groove for a heavenly finale. A lovely remix from Bablak which not only shows a bit of versatility but closes the release out on a strong note.

Alfonso Muchacho – Reflection Pool (Paul Kardos Remix) [Astrowave]

Alfonso Muchacho returns to Astrowave this week with ‘Reflection Pool’. The UK artist first appeared on the Stellar Fountain affiliate in May of 2016 with a remix of ‘Immerse Into The Beauty of Nature’ by Tomin Tomovic. Alfonso now returns with his first single for the label with a strong remix from Paul Kardos. The Hungarian artist has also been hot of late with 2017 releases on Perspectives Digital and Soundteller Records. Now following an excellent remix on PHW Elements Paul makes his Astrowave debut with an excellent remix of ‘Reflection Pool’. The energy comes up a touch with a robust and rugged groove which provides the perfect foundation for rolling arps and driving percussion. Void of any traditional ‘main break’ the tracks second act gets flanked by two short transitional breaks which serve to raise energy without losing any flow. Definitely one for a peak time dance floor.

Tuxedo – Transmitter (Chris Cargo Remix) [Electronic Tree]

Tuxedo returns to his home imprint of Electronic Tree this week with a brand new single entitled ‘Transmitter’. The Polish artist continued to carefully traverse the waters between deep and progressive house throughout 2017 with standout releases on ICONYC, Particles and Stellar Fountain. Tuxedo now presents his first single of 2018 with a great remix from Chris Cargo. If there was an award for comeback progressive house producer of the year in 2017 Chris Cargo would have certainly taken home the prize. Now he continues his great run with a killer rendition of ‘Transmitter’. The Irish artist’s dark undertone works perfectly with the spacey elements from the original, eventually melting down to a cinematic break with moments of drama and emotion. It’s tasteful drop seems right on cue and the growling stabs sound all the more impactful as the third act progresses. A great remix from Chris and a superb release from Tuxedo’s Electronic Tree.

Siguiente Tecnologia & Space Motion – Get on the Bus [Timeless Moment]

Morttagua’s Timeless Moment begins the new year in a major way with a huge collaboration from Siguiente Tecnologia and Space Motion. Hailing from Japan and Serbia respectively this is not a first time collaboration from the duo having previously appeared on MNL and One Of A Kind. The third time appears to have yielded the duos most sought after creation to date however as ‘Get On The Bus’ has been surrounded amidst much hype in recent months. Upon appearing in Solomun’s Warung Beach Club 15 year Anniversary set, ‘Get on the Bus’ quickly became one of the most sought after unreleased tracks of the moment. It’s devilish mood and brooding groove are a deadly combination but it’s a cavernous break that ultimately sets up the memorable third act. It’s plucky hooks are a slice of dance floor heaven while it’s neatly tailored framework keeps it uniformly modern. A killer from Siguiente Tecnologia and Space Motion which gets 2018 off to a great start for Timeless Moment. Highly Recommended.

Esko – Pop Culture [Dopamine Music]

Nikko.Z’s Dopamine Music gets 2018 underway by welcoming Esko to the label for his debut EP. The Ukrainian born, Greece based artist owns a short but tidy discography, highlighted by releases on Bullfinch. Now making his much anticipated debut on Dopamine Music, Esko presents his two track EP entitled ‘Pop Culture’. Esko’s borderless approach to DJing has shaped his production sound as well, fusing elements from various genres yet always keeping the dance floor in mind. The lead track ‘Pop Culture’ exemplifies that perfectly with its minimalistic yet emotive approach. Backed by a stripped, delicate sounding groove comes luminous pads and timeless electronics. The main break proves to be the musical highlight as a poignant lead theme tantalizes the senses before a dubby drop brings the tranquil seven minute journey home.

Fer Castro – Early Riser (Analog Jungs Remix) [Balkan Connection]

Continuing their torrid pace as 2018 begins Balkan Connection welcomes Fer Castro to the label for his debut EP. The Argentinean artist made an impact upon entering the progressive house underground with releases on Nicholas Van Orton’s BCSA and Michael A’s Genesis Music. Fer now steps up for his first EP on Balkan Connection entitled ‘Early Riser’. There are two interpretations which sees two of the progressive scenes hottest production teams tackle the track. First up the Argentinean duo Analog Jungs bring the composition closer to the dance floor with a strong rhythmic core and a stunning percussive complement. The energy is palpable throughout, which a short break adds to quite nicely, bringing atmospheric resonance and a smooth bridge into a fluid conclusion.

DJ AroZe – Summer Confessions [Soundteller Records]

Deersky’s Soundteller Records is back again with more fresh talent in DJ AroZe. After introducing Nightboy to the world two weeks ago the label then presented a massive single from one of India’s finest artists in SEQU3L. Now going back to their seeming endless pool of unheralded talent Soundteller welcomes DJ AroZe to the label for his debut EP. The release concludes with ‘Summer Confessions’ which lowers the tempo and presents a deeper approach. Perhaps the most popular of the three with DJs thus far, it’s a smooth hypnotic chugger with a show stealing vocal during the break, which certainly sits as the most emotive moment on the EP. I’m not sure how Soundteller continues to unearth such amazing unknown talent but AroZe might be one of their most promising finds to date. Three exceptionally produced tracks which makes for a must have EP. Can’t wait to hear more. Highly Recommended.

Phonic Scoupe – Drive On Fears (Alex Stein Remix) [Dear Deer]

Dear Deer Records returns this week by welcoming Phonic Scoupe back to the label for a brand new EP. The Lithuanian duo made their debut on Ukrainian imprint in June of 2016 with a remix of ‘People’ by fellow countryman Ignas Klej. Phonic Scoupe then went on to record their first EP for the label in October of 2016 while also presenting fine efforts on Stripped Recordings. Now returning to Dear Deer the duo present ‘Drive On Fears & It’s Not Africa’. The lone interpretation of ‘Drive On Fears’ is provided by Alex Stein who returns to the label for his third appearance. The Brazilian artist has an impressive discography highlighted by releases on Herzblut Recordings, Suara and Sudbeat. Now following his ‘The Challenger’ EP (co-produced with K.A.L.I.L.) from June of last year, Alex returns with a stellar rendition of ‘Drive On Fears’. The crisp electronic themes from the original get reinvented perfectly over a powerful techno framework. Heavy yet warm and with immense drive it leads to a break which brings greater drama before an intense build foreshadows the biggest moment on the release. An excellent remix from Alex and a superb offering from Dear Dear. Highly Recommended.

Ziger – Infinity [Beat Boutique]

Ziger makes his debut on DJ Zombi’s Beat Boutique in style with ‘Infinity. A classically constructed progressive chugger, it carries all the right elements to sit perfectly in the sets of Hernan Cattaneo or Nick Warren. Add to that a spacey, tension filled break and intriguing vocal storyboard and you’ve got a sure fire dance floor bomb.

Gaston Ponte – Cube (Analog Jungs Remixes) [Clinique Recordings]

Towards the end of 2017 Gaston Ponte’s Clinique Recordings debut the ‘Overlook’ EP was released. It showcased the Argentinean artists pure progressive sound and led to a release on Soundteller Records shortly thereafter. Now showcasing new interpretations of the EP, Clinique invites Analog Jungs to rework ‘Cube’. This was a favourite amongst DJs and rightly so as it’s charged energetic groove and expansive brought the production closer to a main room dance floor, proving once again that the Argentinean duo have their fingers on the pulse of all things progressive.

Seymark – Cosmos (Mauro Rodriguez Remix) [Massive Harmony Records]

Julian Rodriguez’s Massive Harmony Records showcases a gorgeous new single from Seymark. It’s Maruro Rodriguez’s deep touch on ‘Cosmos’ which shines the brightest here. The Argentinean artist has nailed the poignant moments in an elegant, less distinct way, making for a production that’s both ultra-dreamy and still perfect for the dance floor. Well done.

Fractal Architect & Dan Baber – Spheres (Mashk Remix) [Stellar Fountain]

Fractal Architect & Dan Baber team up for the latest release on Stellar Fountain. Hailing from the UK, the duo have been frequent studio partners since their first collaboration for Method Records in 2015. The duo now presents the two track ‘Spheres’ EP for their Stellar Fountain debut (Fractal Architect has appeared previously solo). There are two remixes of ‘Hydrosphere’ beginning with Mashk who is making his label debut. The French artist owns an impressive discography with appearances on Manual Music, Parquet Recordings and Steyoyoke. His Stellar Fountain debut has turned out wonderfully as he strips the track down for a more dance floor inspired affair. Punchy kicks and dynamic percussion set the piece in motion as a wave of sonic decay and subtle atmospheric shifts advance the narrative. Evolving soundscapes add a melancholic vibe leading into the second act before the main melodies appear for a classy finale.

Derek Howell – Laughing It Up (Moodfreak Remix) [Yin]

Tripp Baronner’s Yin imprint re-visits Derek Howell’s 2012 classic ‘Laughing It Up’ with a new interpretation from Moodfreak. Well known throughout the trancier spectrums of progressive the German artist has a discography highlighted by releases on Enhanced, Silk Music and Particles. Here he brings a deeper approach to ‘Laughing It Up’ with great results. The warm free flowing groove is incredibly inviting while phasing synths make for a tension filled break, perfectly setting up a mildly acidic finale.

Stergios – Sequence (Andres W Remix) [PHW Elements]

February saw a string of impressive release from PHW Elements and none moreso than Stergios’ ‘Sequence’ single. Returning to the label for his second appearance the Greek artist delivers a groovy progressive cut. The hugely underrated Andres W provides the mix of choice however, with a ten minute journey into blissful soundscapes and glowing atmospheres.


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