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Space Motion – Tribe [MNL]

One of the hottest progressive house producers as 2017 came to a close was undoubtedly Space Motion. The Serbian artist and Solomun favourite delivered his massive ‘Green Waves’ for MNL last year and now as 2018 begins unveils three fresh productions as part of his ‘Tribe’ EP. The lead cut sits nicely between between progressive house and afro which is a combination that’s been destroying dance floors of late. Fresh vocal chants, soaring synths and tribal-infused drums sit under a romping grooves for what ends up being one of the year’s biggest tracks so far.

DAYDREAMn – Azure (Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia Remix) [Pro-B-Tech Music]

Pro-B-Tech Records kicks off 2018 with one of its most anticipated releases to date. The UK imprint has become well known for showcasing the veterans of progressive house and here they call upon the legendary duo of Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia to remix new signee DAYDREAMn. Although it’s a rare occurrence, when these two do partner up something magical always happens and such is the case here. A much more modern, minimalistic approach has worked wonders with the main theme translating well while fragmented elements add all the aural candy you could ever want. An excellent interpretation which rounds out a sensational release for Pro-B-Tech to begin the new year.

GuyRo – Zen (Matter Remix) [Balkan Connection]

GuyRo makes his much anticipated debut on Balkan Connection this week with a brand new single in collaboration with Chris Sterio. Leading the way on the remixes and fresh off an EP for Cid Inc’s Replug Records is Matter. The Aussie artist brings the piece closer to the dance floor with a big chugging groove, stellar effects and a purring meditative resonance. Comprised of two breaks and a stripped back medium, the second act builds an enormous amount of tension, perfectly setting up a buzzing finale. Definitely one for a peak time floor.

Jorgio Kioris – Linda (Ziger Remix) [Movement Recordings]

The 157th release on Movement Recordings welcomes Jorgio Kioris to the label for a brand new single. The Greek artist and Bloque music founder has had an impressive 2017, highlighted by releases on Asymmetric Recordings, One Of A Kind and Hookah Records. Now as 2018 begins Jorgio steps up for his debut Movement Recordings single entitled ‘Linda’. The second and final interpretation of ‘Linda’ is provided by Movement Recordings artist Ziger. The Greek producer is making his sixth appearance on the label which follows his remix of ‘Marathon’ by Tone Depth and Ampish from October of this year. Ziger’s pure progressive sound has long been a favourite of Hernan Cattaneo and his remix here looks set for a similar fate. From its galloping groove, spacey effects and enigmatic drum fills there is a lot to like. What’s perhaps most compelling is an atmospheric storyboard which takes you closer to the cosmos with a trail of sonic artefacts and mystical melodies leading the charge. A gorgeous remix from Ziger, rounding out what is an excellent offering from Tash’s Movement Recordings once again.

DJ Zombi – Lovely (Dousk Remix) [Beat Boutique]

Beat Boutique kicks off 2018 with the label boss himself DJ Zombi presenting a brand new single. The Israeli artist last appeared on his home inprint in September of 2016 with ‘Treason’ which was a collaboration with Lonya. Now as the new year begins Zombi returns with the much anticipated single ‘Lovely’ alongside remixes from Dousk, Franz Alice Stern and Magitman. One artist who has certainly stood the test of time is Dousk. The Greek producer remains a creative force in the deep and tech house underground. Now making his fourth appearance on the label Dousk adds a funkier flair to the track while showcasing the main themes perfectly. It’s rippling low end becomes incredibly infectious while the main break adds just the right amount of atmospheric tension.

Mariano Montori feat. Fede Elicetche – Hurting Me (Golan Zocher Remix) [Asymmetric Recordings]

Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings opens up the new year with a fresh collaboration from Mariano Montori and Fede Elicetche. Mariano is no stranger to the label having appeared twice previously but his return here marks his first in over two years and also a first in terms of working with vocalist Fede Elicetche. Together the duo have crafted ‘Hurting Me’ which is a deep and soulful progressive house construction. The release concludes with Golan Zocher who returns for his third appearance which follows outstanding productions for Clubsonica, Soundteller Records and SoulArt Recordings. Known for his club friendly brand of progressive house, Golan has become a mainstay of the Beatport charts and his interpretation of ‘Hurting Me’ looks set for similar success. Again the tempo shifts up a touch and so too does the electricity as razor sharp synths and granular effects cut through the atmosphere. Clap delays allow for dynamic transitions and the break adds that celestial vibe which is sure to light up peak time dance floors. A big remix from Golan and a great release for Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings to kick off the new year.

Audioglider – 23 Years to Return [ICONYC]

The latest from John Johnson’s ICONYC imprint welcomes Audioglider back to the label for a brand new EP. The UK artist made debut on the US imprint in 2015 with the critically acclaimed ‘Miracle Cure’ EP. Also owning releases on Sudbeat Music and Stellar Fountain along with ICONYC subsidiary Hydrogen, Audioglider has become much loved in the progressive house underground. Now returning to ICONYC for his first release of 2018, the UK artist presents his ’23 Years’ EP. Spread across three compositions it’s the closely tied ’23 Years to Return’ which leads the release off. Dreamy and quite irresistible it’s a fluid, free flowing, seven minute melodic journey. Delicate in design, the framework while powerful enough to play well on a dance floor doesn’t command the piece the way much of the traditional progressive house stuff does. A well balanced creation that never loses sight of the musicality and the jangly guitar outro is quite fabulous as well.

Alex Rusin & Reiklavik – Progresia (Sonabit Remix) [Slideways]

Tim Penner’s Slideways Music kicks the new year off with a brand new EP from Alex Rusin & Reiklavik. The Polish duo first appeared on the Canadian imprint in June of 2015 with the well received ‘Blizzard’ single. Solo appearances on Saturate Audio and Electronic Tree have highlighted their respective discographies and now the duo make a much welcome return to Slideways with ‘Progresia’ alongside remixes from Sonabit and N’Pot. Both remixes take the track somewhere slightly different and equally satisfying. First up Sonabit returns to the label following his ‘You Have To Understand’ single from December of 2016. The Berlin based artist goes a touch darker while still retaining the emotive appeal of the original. Ultra crisp production, waves of effects and a penchant for timely transitional shifts make this a can’t miss for the dance floor and with it being over a year since his last release this is one his fans have certainly been waiting for.

Christopher Hermann – I’m Just A Shadow Of Myself (Rapossa Remix) [Stellar Fountain]

Stellar Fountain continues a strong start to the new year with a brand new EP from Christopher Hermann. Following a 2017 highlighted by releases on A Must Have, Bonzai and Stripped Digital the Argentinian artist makes his debut on the label with ‘I’m Just A Shadow Of Myself’. First up on the remixes is Rapossa who is well known for his work on Lump Records and Magician On Duty. He brings the  tempo down to a lazy and incredibly inviting 112 BPM where the dusty, desert motifs and hazy tonal shifts carry you on a short but impactful six minute journey.

Ri Za – Radian (East Cafe Remix) [One Of A Kind]

One Of A Kind kicks off 2018 with a brand new single from Ri Za. The Swedish imprint closed out 2017 with perhaps it’s strongest release of the year, a single from the amazing Sonic Future. Now starting the new year with yet another strong release we see Ri Za presenting his newest single entitled ‘Radian’. The second and final interpretation of ‘Radian’ is provided by East Cafe who is also making his label debut. The Hungarian artist closed out 2017 with a string of solid releases highlighted by appearances on Balkan Connection and Soundteller Records. East Cafe’s pure progressive vibes are always enjoyable and he’s delivered a smooth, energetic interpretation here. From haunting phrases to choral percussion it’s energy and flow are undeniable. The break and mellow build keeps things cool and classy before that meaty groove carries a strong third act finale. Wicked remix from East Cafe and a great release to kick off 2018 for One Of A Kind.

Modeplex – Broken Arrow (Jelly For The Babies Remix) [Balkan Connection]

Balkan Connection’s second release of 2018 finds Modeplex returning for his debut EP. The German artist had a strong year in 2017, highlighted by releases on MNL, One Of A Kind and Traum. Now presenting his first EP for Balkan Connection, Modeplex returns with three brand new creations. The lone interpretation of ‘Broken Arrow’ is provided by Balkan Connection label artist Jelly For The Babies. The Serbian producer is making his 55th appearance on the label following a year highlighted by releases on Low Pressings, Sound Avenue and his own One Of A Kind imprint. For his first remix of 2018 Jelly For The Babies takes “Broken Arrow’ into more pure progressive territory with a chugging groove and smooth rhythmic cadence. The main theme comes off a touch dreamier and less menacing but no less mysterious, particularly during a gorgeous break. Lovely remix from Jelly For The Babies.

Dr. Alfred & Iokhonda – Ceres (Michael A Remix) [Superordinate Music]

Superordinate Music starts 2018 with a new EP from fresh names Dr. Alfred & Iokhonda. Having previously appeared on DJ Zombi’s Beat Boutique imprint the duo look set for big things in 2018. Here they present their newest single ‘Ceres’. The lone interpretation is provided by Michael A who is making a welcome return to the label. The Belarus based artist and Genesis Music boss rounds off the release with an excellent take on ‘Spore’. Sleek and refined, it comes with a chugging, dance floor ready groove while the main themes get reinvented in cosmic backdrop of wispy vocals and trailing atmospherics. Excellent remix from Michael and a great start to 2018 for Superordinate Music.

Ewan Rill – Eivissa (Luciano Scheffer Remix) [Sever Records]

Ewan Rill’s Sever Records imprint returns with a brand new single from the boss himself. It’s been just about a year since we last heard from the Russian imprint, February 6th of last year to be exact so to see a new release as 2018 begins is a pleasant surprise. There are also two remixes on the release which lift the vibe into pure progressive territory, beginning with Luciano Scheffer who might be one of the genres most underrated artists. There’s a richness to his productions that is quite inviting and it certainly comes through here once again. The drums and a lone buzzing synth sound quite organic and fluid, making the whole production feel effortless and for as ominous as the original was at points this is incredibly emotive. Killer remix from Luciano.

Serge Landar – Twilight (Cream & Deep Fog Remix) [Balkan Connection]

Balkan Connection opens up 2018 with a top EP from Serge Landar. The Ukrainian artist has previously appeared on the imprint’s affiliate BC2 along with Aethereal and PHW Elements. Now stepping for his first appearance on Balkan Connection, Serge presents a brand new two track EP. The release concludes with a remix from Cream & Deep Fog who are returning to the label following a strong 2017. The Polish duo continued to dominate the pure progressive landscape with key releases on Particles and Electronic Tree. Here they kick off 2018 with a smooth yet powerful rendition of ‘Twilight’. A touch sleeker than Rick’s version, Cream & Deep Fog make it all about meditative flow which a spiritual sounding break adds perfectly to. An excellent remix from the Polish duo, rounding out what is a strong release to begin 2018 for Balkan Connection.

Tim Robert – Atomic Countdown [Clinique Recordings]

Tim Robert begins his 2018 journey with a brand new EP courtesy of Clinique Recordings. The Russian imprint has become a comfortable home for the US artist, having appeared there on four previous occasions. Following what would have to be considered his most prolific year to date, Tim now returns to Clinique with a brand new EP entitled ‘Atomic Countdown’. A respected talent not only in North America but globally as well, Tim is an artist with his finger firmly on the progressive house pulse. The title track begins with a smooth driving groove, wavering harmonics and a string of devilish electronics. A quick drop initiates a section of tantalizing chord changes, which elevates the mood as the main break commences. A master storyteller, Tim crafts a perfect second act, delicate yet poignant, building subtly without resorting to an overblown crescendo, rather a smooth, exhilarating drop and tasteful finale.

Lanvary – SS 235 (John Cosani Remix) [Yin]

Tripp Baronner’s concept label Yin continues to rock with a brand new remix of Lanvary’s ‘SS 235’. Originally released on Proton’s Particles imprint as part of the ‘Slingshot Ride’ EP it showcased the Moldova based duo at their best with an effects laden journey through the progressive house cosmos. Now freshly updated for 2018 Argentinean artist John Cosani makes his label debut with a chunkier, more spacious rendition. The astral qualities of the original are well maintained but in more indistinct fashion, resulting in a groovy, dance floor ready weapon.

Juan Erbin & Q.A.T – Wolfborn (Framewerk Remix) [Massive Harmony Records]

Julian Rodriguez’s Massive Harmony Records rolls into 2018 with a fresh collaboration from Juan Erbin & Q.A.T. Progressive House veterans and Capital Heaven label bosses Framewerk close the release out with two gorgeous remixes. The first of which has a firm focus on the dance floor with a rumbling, character rich foundation and squirrelly lead motifs. The drop is set up wonderfully with a trail of sonic decay as a sheet of granular noise reignites the groove for a stellar finish.

Andy Line and Deep Shepherd – Cocaine In Darkness (Division One Remix) [Suffused Music]

The latest from Suffused Music finds the label showcasing new remixes of the curiously titled ‘Cocaine In Darkness’ by Andy Line and Deep Shepherd. Kicking the release off is Adam Weiss aka Division One who is making his label debut following strong releases on Electronic Tree and Nueva Dark. The Polish artist stays true to the vibe of the original and goes one step further with tough beats, dark electronics and spooky atmospherics. Not without emotive moments, the third act brings on a radiant finale with esoteric melodies and heartfelt chord changes.

TH;EN & Starkato – Rina [Movement Recordings]

The 156th on Tash’s Movement Recordings welcomes TH;EN & Starkato to the label for their debut EP. The production trio are fresh off a release for D-Nox’s Sprout imprint and have also appeared on Moonbootique and Studio3000 Records. Now kicking off 2018 in style, TH;EN & Starkato present their first EP for Movement Recordings entitled ‘Rina’. The release begins with its title and showcase piece ‘Rina’ which finds the trio crafting a tough, techno inspired groover. Punchy kicks, ominous bass stabs and driving percussion make for a dramatic first act. Metallic melodies, although indistinct, highlight the main break before a stripped back drop sets up an emotive finale.

Marea Neagra – Sirens Wailing (DJ Beat2 Remix) [Electronic Tree]

Tuxedo’s Electronic Tree imprint kicks off 2018 with a brand new single from Argentinean artist Marea Neagra. Label artist DJ Beat 2 provides the remix of choice taking the brooding original into slightly more uplifting territory. It’s traditional progressive groove gives it great bounce while cross cultural motifs and buzzing synths provide a captivating seven minute storyboard. All signs point to a great year for the Indian artist and this gets it off to a great start.


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