Release Promo Progressive House Hype Chart Week 50

Progressive House Promo Pool and industry hype chart – Release Promo share their weekly must hear tracks.

Marcelo Vasami – A Fantastic Fear Of Everything (Cid Inc Remix) [Replug]

Argentina is a country with a celebrated progressive house heritage. One of the key figures at the inception of the movement was Marcelo Vasami. First hitting the scene in 2005, the Buenos Aires-based artist quickly became one of the genre’s most recognizable names, eventually showcasing his music on Sudbeat and Hope Recordings. He continues to be one of his country’s most popular DJs, having shared the stage with Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Guy J and Replug label boss Cid Inc. Having debuted on Replug in 2011, Marcelo now makes a long overdue return with a brand new EP entitled ‘A Fantastic Fear Of Everything’. Providing the lone interpretation on the release is Replug label boss Cid Inc. An eventful summer saw the Finnish artist with EPs on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music and Replug Records, the latter of which is still enjoying time in Beatport’s progressive house chart, now four months after its release. Cid Inc’s vivid imagination and uncanny sense of club dynamics brings ‘A Fantastic Fear Of Everything’ even closer to a peak time dance floor. The ebb and flow of its energy is engaging, as a rolling full bodied groove, redemptive rhythms and avant-garde sci-fi textures unite in perfect harmony for this synth-driven scorcher. Already a highlight in Cid Inc’s recent sets across the world, it’s now set to be one of the biggest and most sought after progressive house tracks as 2017 winds to a close.

Dmitry Molosh – Wanderer (Roger Martinez Remix) [Superordinate Music]

Superordinate Music returns this week presenting new interpretations of ‘Wanderer’ by Dmitry Molosh. Leading the release off is Roger Martinez who returns to the label for his second appearance. The Dutch artist first appeared on the UK imprint with a remix of Stas Drive in February of 2016. Now following a strong EP on Flow Vinyl Roger ends the year off with a great remix of ‘Wanderer’. The detail of the Dutch artist’s productions is always quite remarkable and it’s on full display here with astral effects, funky rhythms and a spacious groove with carries it’s smooth cadence perfectly.

Mia Mendi & ASAS – Dunya (Simon Doty & Zein Remix) [Rhetorical]

Simon Doty’s Rhetorical Music makes a much welcome return this week with a new EP from Mia Mendi and ASAS. We last heard from the Canadian imprint in March of this year with the remix edition of Rauschhaus’ ‘Theory of Everything’ EP. Now following a nine month hiatus Rhetorical returns with a hugely anticipated EP from Mia Mendi & ASAS. The lone interpretation of ‘Dunya’ finds Rhetorical label boss Simon Doty teaming up with sometime studio partner, Egyptian prodigy Zein. This cross continental pairing has brought many amazing moments in the past, not only for Rhetorical but Einmusika and Cenote as well. Now taking on ‘Dunya’ the duo craft what is likely their best production to date. Backed by a full driving groove, the energy comes up quite a lot and it’s techno sensibility makes it a perfect complement to the more progressive minded original. The metallic synths are deadly hooks and a dramatic, drummy, vocal led break seals it’s brilliance.

Robert R. Hardy – We All Heart (Joal Remix) [ICONYC]

The latest from John Johnson’s ICONYC imprint welcomes Robert R. Hardy back to the label for a brand new single. The Hungarian artist made his debut on the US imprint all the way back in December of 2014 with ‘Chicago Sunrise’ which was widely regarded as his best ever work at the time. Now looking to make a new mark Robert presents his latest single entitled ‘We All Heart’. Three impressive remixes accompany the original beginning with Joal who makes his label debut. Hailing from Portugal and known for releases on Flow Vinyl and Selador Joal delivers a super interpretation shifting the mood into something much more esoteric and timeless. Muted tones and a less distinct take on the harmonic elements give the mix great space. Rhythmically it’s brilliant, particularly during the third act with a bevy of acid-like warbles, offset hits and shifty harmonies making for a great finale. Definitely my favourite version on the release.

Zone+ and Bachir Salloum – Aurora [Sound Avenue]

The latest release from Madloch’s Sound Avenue imprint welcomes Zone+ and Bachir Salloum to the label for a new EP. Bahrain born and now based in Dubai, Zone + aka Zeyad Mohsen has firmly established himself in the deep house underground with releases on All Day I Dream, Akbal Music, Underyourskin and Sol Selectas. Beirut native Bachir Salloum has followed a more progressive minded path in his musical journey with a short but tidy discography featuring releases on Guy Mantzur’s Plattenbank Records and Michael A’s Genesis Music. As prolific DJs, they both have shared the stage with a long line of top international talents, including Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Matthew Dekay, Audiofly, Agents of Time and YokoO. Now coming together for their first studio collaborations Zone+ and Bachir unveil their much anticipated ‘Aurora’. The EP’s title selection finds the duo crafting a deep and sultry creation which sets the tone for the entire collection. Meticulously produced, the piece begins with warm punchy beats, tribal infused drums and a solemn atmospheric backdrop. Beautiful and haunting in equal measure, it’s a spiritual nine minute journey, showcasing delicate motifs yet pulsating with anticipation, delivering a fluid cadence and chromatic warmth.

Lily Pita – Come to Me (Hot TuneiK Remix) [Soundteller Records]

The latest from Deersky’s Soundteller Records finds Lily Pita continuing her amazing streak with a new single entitled ‘Come With Me’. The Indonesian artist has had an incredible year highlighted by releases on Bedrock Records and Glasgow Underground. Hot TuneiK has been popping up on Soundteller quite a lot recently. Just last week his remix of ‘Broken Melodies’ by Julian Rodriguez and Frankie M was released and now across two versions he reinvents ‘Come With Me’. The Mexican’s smooth, rolling cadence is on full display here with the main elements getting chopped into gorgeous motifs before a poignant break pushes the emotion up a notch.

Uncloak – Terrafirme [Timeless Moment]

The latest from Morttagua’s Timeless Moment imprint welcomes ‘Uncloak’ back to the label for their debut EP. The Brazilian duo first appeared on the label with a contribution to the ‘Unique Moment’ Vol. 1 collection which was released in February of this year. The EP’s halfway point brings its title and showcase piece ‘Terrafirme’ which definitely stands out. It’s storyboard of wonky synths and wickedly carved grooves are perfectly dialled for the dance floor. Highlighting the track however is an expansive break where the duos crisp design really shines. This one’s a monster.

Chris Cargo – Mirage [If You Wait]

Storied progressive house artist Chris Cargo launches his new imprint ‘If You Wait’ this week with a hot double a-side release. You definitely want to put your best foot forward when launching a label and Chris has certainly done that here. Beginning with ‘Mirage’ we’re treated to a deep, cross-cultural creation. Backed by a dark chugging groove, percussive elements come in waves as spiritual vocals and Chris’ distinctive rhythmic structure takes charge. The narrative evolves from dark and mysterious to emotive and hopeful during the main break, teasing the senses just enough before a stripped back drop and driving conclusion. A masterpiece from Chris.

Pablo German – Afterhours (Emi Galvan Remix) [MNL]

Pablo German makes his much anticipated debut on Paul Hazendonk’s MNL imprint this week with ‘Afterhours’. Emi Galvan transforms the title track into a rolling, dance floor bomb. It’s well contoured groove carries remarkable swing while the addition of vocals at key moments add a soulful touch. You can always hear Emi’s strong sense of musicality in everything he does and it comes as no surprise with his vocal history and performing in bands.

Fashion Victimz – Conga Conga (Simos Tagias Remix) [Movement Recordings]

The 155th release on Tash’s Movement Recordings welcomes Fashion Victimz to the label for a brand new EP.  Hailing from Israel, Mark Finkel and Viki Makrianis are well known DJs in Tel Aviv’s burgeoning club scene. As a production duo they’ve racked up discography credits on esteemed labels such as Dear Deer and MNL. Now making their much anticipated debut on Movement Recordings the duo present their latest studio creations ‘Conga Conga’ and ‘Jungle Bells’.  The release concludes with another member of the Movement Recordings family Simos Tagias providing the lone interpretation of ‘Conga Conga’. The Greek artist recently remixed Movement label boss Tash for Soundteller Records and also owns releases on Sound Avenue and Sudbeat. Now closing the release out in style Simos takes ‘Conga Conga’ into dreamy progressive house territory with great results. The main elements translate nicely over a voluminous groove while a strong rhythmic core and cascading motifs drive the piece to a euphoric finale. A massive remix from Simos and one that sounds tailor made for the sets of Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren.

Sapiens – Culture Shop (Anthony G Remix) [Stellar Fountain]

Stellar Fountain returns with a deep and soulful cut from Sapiens. Hailing from Israel, Alan Sharpear aka Sapiens last appeared on the Hungarian imprint in October of 2013 with his ‘Fuzzy Driver’ single. Now four years on following releases on ICONYC and Pangea, Sapiens returns to Stellar Fountain with ‘Culture Shop’. The release concludes with Anthony G making his debut on the label. The Bulgarian artist is known for releases on John OO Fleming’s JOOF Recordings and Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music. Now making a long awaited appearance on Stellar Fountain Anthony closes the release out with a darker, progressive interpretation of ‘Culture Shop’. The tempo comes up slightly as does the drama with gritty stabs, shifty atmospheres and swirling metallics. It’s darker undertone works well with the chopped lead theme, making for more of a hypnotic resonance which should be massive with the pure progressive house DJs out there.

Madloch – Secrets (Till Kruger Remix) [Asymmetric Recordings]

Madloch dishes out one of his best singles to date this week courtesy of Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings. We last heard from the Belgian artist and Sound Avenue label boss in August with the release of his ‘Sagacity’ EP which earned praise from Hernan Cattaneo. Now making his much anticipated debut on Asymmetric, Madloch presents his latest single entitled ‘Secrets’. The first interpretation is provided by Till Kruger who is making his first appearance on the label. The German artist owns a tidy discography dating back to 2009, highlighted by releases on 200 Records and Seven Villas. Now fresh off a stunning EP on Quite Needless, Till provides a gorgeous rendition of ‘Secrets’. Aptly coined ‘Breakfast’ remix it’s a warm, glowing interpretation full of wonderful emotive motifs and a smooth cadence which makes it joy to listen to, no doubt perfect for a morning or daytime dance floor.

Mad Bear – Debris Of Broken Dream (Monojoke Remix) [Symmetric Records]

Symmetric Records returns after a seven month hiatus with a much anticipated single from Mad Bear. Closing the release out is Polish artist Monojoke who is a perfect choice to remix the track. His way with melodious walls of sound and cosmic design works wonders with the main elements. Bringing more musicality into the mix but with a quirky flair is what makes it such a memorable affair. Brilliant remix from Monojoke and a hugely successful return for Symmetric Records.

Nicholas Van Orton & Niko Fantin – Oso Polar [Balkan Connection South America]

The latest from Balkan Connection South America finds label boss Nicholas Van Orton teaming up with Niko Fantin for a two track EP. The release begins with the gritty ‘Grapes & Orange Juice’. There’s a lot of interesting elements running through the track. From an evolving vocal sample to wavy, buzzing synths and two perfectly placed breaks. It makes for a great dance floor sensibility and it’s chunky groove keeps the momentum charged from start to finish.

Amber Long – Cashmere Lines [Golden Wings Music]

Golden Wings Music makes a much welcome return this week with a brand new EP from Amber Long. The Canadian artist is known throughout the progressive underground not only for her studio skills but also incredible vocals. It’s led her to support from Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren as well releases on Einmusika, Flow Vinyl and her own Modern Agenda imprint. Now making her debut on Golden Wings, Amber presents her latest two track offering entitled ‘Draw The Line’. The EP’s opener ‘Cashmere Lines’ sets the tone for the release with its deep, sultry groove. There’s a dramatic vibe almost immediately, which foreshadows the introduction of Amber’s vocal perfectly, add to that sparsely placed pianos and timely drum fills and you’ve got a tastefully restrained gem of track. The vocals are so distinctive they advance the storyboard incredibly well but the shifty electronics and hip swinging cadence also work wonders.

Following Light – Aurora Polaris (Paul Hamilton Remix) [Balkan Connection]

Inmost Records boss Following Light takes his prolific skills to Balkan Connection with a new single entitled ‘Aurora Polaris’. The release concludes with another Balkan Connection regular Paul Hamilton returning to the label. The Dubai based artist is fresh off two EPs on Armada’s THNK division as well as productions with Jerry Ropero. Paul’s club friendly sound never disappoints and certainly doesn’t here bringing the track to a main room dance floor with ease. Everything from it’s muscular groove to a tight rhythmic core and waves of atmosphere make it a sure fire bomb.

Stage Van H – Beyond Sleeping (Ewan Rill Remix) [Just Movement]

The latest release on Just Movement finds the label showcasing new interpretations of Stage Van H’s ‘Beyond Sleeping’. First up Ewan Rill brings a unique approach taking the deep original into tighter, punchy territory with a sturdy groove and detailed percussion. The original elements bring a wonderful emotion all wrapped up in Ewan’s esoteric sonic twist.


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