Release Promo Progressive House Hype Chart Week 51

Progressive House Promo Pool and industry hype chart – Release Promo share their weekly must hear tracks.

Sonic Future – Ondulante [Timeless Moment]

Morttagua’s Timeless Moment closes out 2017 on a strong note by welcoming Sonic Future to the label for his debut EP. The Brazilian artist is renowned for his distinctive sound design and incredible musicality. The lead track ‘Ondulante’ showcases this perfectly with it’s wonderfully wonky yet incredibly catchy lead and smooth melodic storyboard. A definite standout this week and one which is already in the Beatport Progressive House charts.

Antrim – Guinean [Or Two Strangers]

The latest release from Or Two Strangers finds label boss Antrim back in the spotlight with a brand new EP. The Argentinean artist has had his best year to date, highlighted by releases on Asymmetric Recordings, MNL and One Of A Kind. Now making a much anticipated return to Or Two Strangers Antrim presents his new EP entitled ‘The Good Of The Past’. The companion piece ‘Guinean’ sits in a more contemporary space with cosmic arps and cross cultural vocals setting the tone. Thick slabs of bass power the foundation as the spaced out storyboard breaks down into a ghostly interlude. Spiritual and cosmic in equal measure the centrepiece brings the main elements together before a wave of noise reignites the hearty groove for a tripped out finale. Two stunning and complementary tracks from Antrim making for yet another must have release from Or Two Strangers.

Dustin Nantais – Apathy [Manual Music]

Dustin Nantais makes a much welcome return to Manual Music this week with a new single. The Canadian artist has been quiet for the better part of 2017 as he prepares for the launch of his new label in 2018. Luckily he’s found the time to craft this arpeggiated gem entitled ‘Apathy’. I do see/hear a lot of people calling for the death of arp drive tracks but I’m not one of them. It was a huge trend but a quite enjoyable one and when it’s done well still incredibly pleasing. ‘Apathy’ is one such track with enough variation and playful energy to make for a lively dance floor romp. The grandiose, almost cinematic break is unabashedly epic but it’s so short that it works incredibly well. Great to see Dustin back on Manual Music and be on the lookout for a new imprint from him in 2018.

Lonya – Righteousness (Just Hear Remix) [Asymmetric Recordings]

Asymmetric Recordings returns this week showcasing new interpretations of Lonya’s ‘Righteousness’. Originally released in April of this year with a remix from Wally Lopez it proved to be one of the labels best selling projects. Now as the year comes to a close Asymmetric revisits the track with brand new remixes from Vamos Art, Denny Loco and Just Hear. The third and final interpretation is provided by Just Hear who progressive house fans may also know as Ri Za. Under this cleverly coined moniker the Slovakian artist follows more of a techno / tech house sensibility, always presenting a fresh approach. His interpretation of ‘Righteousness’ is no different with a wonky rhythmic swing and intensely twisted break that’s sure to melt your dance floor. Very fresh stuff from Just Hear.

Kamilo Sancelmente – Anthe (Matias Chilano Remix) [SoulArt Recordings]

SoulArt Recordings returns for their final release of the year with a brand new single from Kamilo Sanclemente. The Colombian artist has been one of the hottest names in progressive house this year with undying support form Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren along with Beatport chart success. Now making his much anticipated debut for SoulArt Kamilo presents his latest studio work ‘Anthe’. There are four remixes here all of which turned out wonderfully but it’s Matias Chilano that grabs our attention. The Argentine’s deep, atmospheric sound is always sought after in the progressive underground and he’s delivered another beauty here. Matias has used the melodic elements sparingly while his strong groove carries the piece. The thing I like most about the mix is the clap, sounds nice and modern. Great remix from Matias.

Paul & Don Argento – Sign Of Erevos (Erdi Irmak Remix) [Soundteller Recordings]

Paul and Don Argento make their debut on Deersky’s Soundteller Records this week with ‘Sign Of Erevos’. Well known for their work on Russia’s Clinique Recordings the Cyprus based duo has also appeared on Movement Recordings. Now to close out a successful 2017 the duo present their debut single for Soundteller. Erdi Irmak supplies the first remix and completely reinvents the track with a much deeper approach. Quite organic sounding, it’s a joy to listen to as dulcet tones and sultry rhythms carry the piece into the break. Broken beats lead to shimmering motifs and a subtle but oh so gorgeous motif which completes this emotive story.

Ezequiel Denenberg – Soul Words (Ezequiel Anile Remix) [Clubsonica Records]

The 38th release from Clubsonica Records welcomes Ezequiel Denenberg to the label for his debut single. Based in Buenos Aires, the Argentinean artist has found a home on Sound Avenue’s 3rd Avenue imprint where he showcased his unique take on progressive music in 2016. Now presenting his first new music of 2017, Ezequiel makes his much anticipated Clubsonica debut with ‘Soul Words’. The second interpretation of ‘Soul Words’ is provided by Ezequiel Anile. His unique take on progressive house has found its way into the sets of Hernan Cattaneo and his ‘Soul Words’ interpretation looks set for a similar fate. Also taking a deeper route, Ezequiel carries the main themes from the original beautifully, all backed by his re-contoured foundation. The main break proves to be a highlight with its distinctive musicality, led by soulful strums and fluid electronics, perfectly transitioning into a luminous third act finale.

Rich Curtis – Nothing to Declare (Micah Remix) [ICONYC]

John Johnson’s ICONYC imprint impresses once again this week by welcoming Rich Curtis to the label for his debut single. The Hernan Cattaneo favourite delivers a quirky yet highly emotive production in ‘Nothing To Declare’. Canadian artist Micah takes the production into more traditional progressive house territory with a smooth, emotive rendition that is sure to capture the imagination of both old and new school fans of the genre.

Michael A – Achromatic [Genesis Music]

The latest from Michael A’s Genesis Music finds the label boss himself back in the spotlight with a brand new single. The Belarus based artist broke through this year with an EP on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music and now rounds the year out with an excellent new single entitled ‘Achromatic’. Michael’s best work remains his EP for Sudbeat but this definitely comes quite close to it. A warm, rolling groove gets adorned with a variety of emotive elements from vocal motifs, sparkling chimes and soaring synths. A short break adds just the right amount of grit without losing the vibe before the groove returns for an epic finale. No doubt one of Michael’s most poignant creations yet and a great sign as 2018 moves closer. Highly Recommended.

Bruno Caro – Yugen (Greenage Remix) [Balkan Connection]

Bruno Caro makes his Balkan Connection debut this week with a new single entitled ‘Yugen’. The Argentinean artist has found a home on Stripped Recordings as well as Guy Mantzur’s Plattenbank Records and Soundteller Records. This week marks a new chapter in his career with his first single for Balkan Connection. One of India’s finest progressive house exports Greenage who is also making his label debut supplies an excellent remix. As one of the artists who definitely made their mark in 2017, Greenage continues to impress with a smooth, atmospheric rendition of ‘Yugen’. His cosmic approach is always a welcome one but a near two minute break of blissed out textures might be the highlight, perfectly setting up a groovy build and celestial finale.

Ricardo Piedra – Tsin-Kho (Qoob Remix) [Stellar Fountain]

Stellar Fountain returns after a week off with a brand new single from Ricardo Piedra. The Hungarian artist has become a staple on the Hungarian imprint this year after making his debut in July. Now coming back for his third original project, Ricardo presents his latest single entitled ‘Tsin-Kho’. First up on the remixes is Qoob who are fresh off an appearance on Cid Inc’s Replug Records as part of the label’s ‘Defined’ 01 collection. Now returning to Stellar Fountain for their sixth appearance the duo bring a cosmic approach to ‘Tsin-Kho’ with great success. A fuller, effervescent groove sits at the foundation, buzzing with electricity as astral effects and fuzzed out melodies converge in perfect harmonic unison.

Fernando Olaya – Blooming Era [Suffused Music]

The 196th release on Suffused Music welcomes Fernando Olaya to the label for his debut appearance. Long considered one of Colombia’s most talented progressive house artists Fernando has showcased his music on Cid Inc’s Replug Records, Manual Music, Movement Recordings and Traum. Now embarking on his first project for Suffused Music, Fernando presents his much anticipated ‘Gravity’ EP. Fusing progressive, techno and deeper sounds is something that comes naturally to Fernando and it’s given his discography a broad scope. The lead track ‘Blooming Era’ shows his versatility once again with its strong meditative qualities and linear techno sensibilities. Not lost in the infinite loops is musicality, as a gorgeous complement of chimes layers the pulsating framework with vocal refrains adding their own emotive charm.

Organik – Waking Dream (Jayson Butera Remix) [Electronic Tree]

Tuxedo’s Electronic Tree imprint goes breakbeat this week with a new single from Organik. Across four remixes it’s Jayson Butera’s that stands out for us. The US artist has a long history in the genre and once again shows his studio repertoire here. Crisp beats, trippy effects and a smooth melodic storyboard make for a concise and detailed six minute journey. The contrast between the psychedelic audio and piano narrative is ultimately what makes it such a cool mix and with Jayson currently experimenting with more progressive house oriented productions this is a name you can expect to be seeing a lot in 2018.


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