Release Promo Progressive House Hype Chart Week 48

Progressive House Promo Pool and industry hype chart – Release Promo share their weekly must hear tracks.

Sonic Future – Ooakland (Rauschhaus Remix) [One Of A Kind]

Sonic Future makes a much anticipated return to One Of A Kind this week with ‘Ooakland’. There are few artists in the progressive underground who are hotter at the moment than Rauschhaus. The German producer has been a constant fixture of the Beatport charts this year and has showcased his music on Manual Music, Parquet and Steyoyoke. It’s remarkable how consistent he is and he delivers a stunning interpretation of ‘Ooakland’ here. Big and tweaky in all the right ways it flows through a myriad of wonky motifs and cosmic effects, before transitioning into a more fluid second act. It’s an exhilarating shift of both energy and emotion, eventually getting washed away during the main break and setting up a dark and groovy finale.

East Cafe – Into  A Clearing [SoulArt Recordings]

The latest release from SoulArt Recordings welcomes East Cafe back to the label for a brand new EP. The Hungarian artist made his debut on the Hungarian imprint with ‘Drops In A Downpour’. Originally released in June of this year the track then went on to be featured on KUHL’s ‘Liquid’ album in July. Now returning for his first EP East Cafe presents the much anticipated ‘Trapped In 3D’. In terms of the pure progressive house sound there are few better than East Cafe and this four track sound story is a prime example of why. Beginning with the chunky, melodic ‘Into A Clearing’ you get a great feel for the Hungarian’s groovy, musical sound. The chord changes are euphoric and glowing while the main break takes things into heavenly territory with wispy atmospherics.

Rafael Cerato & Gabriel Moraes – Coda (NekliFF Remix) [Dear Deer]

Dear Deer has been hot of late and that more than continues this week with a killer single from Rafael Cerato & Gabriel Moraes. Ukrainian artist NekiFF returns for his sixth appearance and perhaps best remix to date taking the track into progressive minded territory with metallic melodies and a heart melting break.

Travis MacDonald – Nerium (Alfonso Muchacho Remix) [Soundteller Records]

It’s been awhile since we heard from Agara Music boss Travis MacDonald so it was a nice surprise to see a new single from the Canadian this week. Coming courtesy of Deersky’s Soundteller Records it’s Alfonso Muchacho’s remix which hits home with its smooth hypnotic groove, heartfelt melodies and serene, blissed out atmospherics. A beauty from the UK artist.

Monojoke – Arterials (Greenage Remix) [Juicebox Music]

Monojoke makes a much anticipated return to Juicebox Music this week with his ‘Arterials’ EP. First up on the remixes Indian artist Greenage makes a long overdue debut on Juicebox Music taking the lead track ‘Arterials’ into his world of driving, trippy progressive house. The tempo comes up a touch with the focus being much dubbier and indistinct overall. A reworked version of the lead does highlight the main break but the delivery is on a much headier, cosmic level while the third act pushes forward with peak time momentum.

Nicholas Van Orton – Padme (GMJ Remix) [Balkan Connection]

Balkan Connection returns this week with a massive release from Nicholas Van Orton. From four remixes rises one of our favourites GMJ who brings his dreamy melodic style to the track in a big way. Deep, sultry grooves combined with warm, atmospheric overlays and an evolving effects storyboard make for a charming eight minute journey.

Lily Pita – Superwoman (Nicolas Rada Remix) [Strange Town Recordings]

Strange Town Recordings returns this week with a highly anticipated EP from Lily Pita. The Indonesian artist has had an incredible year highlighted by releases on Bedrock Records and Glasgow Underground. Spread across two originals and two remixes it’s the EP’s closer from Nicolas Rada we’d like to showcase. The Argentinean artist is making his label debut after finding a home on BCSA and Balkan Connection. A staple in Beatport’s progressive house charts this year has seen Nicolas’ groovy sound become quite sought after. His ‘Superwoman’ interpretation looks set for a similar fate with its laid back, percussive approach. The lowered tempo opens up the groove tremendously while the main melodic theme gets presented in a softer more organic way.

Gians – Love Letters Suspended In The Void (Jaap Ligthart Remix) [Stellar Fountain]

The latest from Stellar Fountain finds much loved Dutch artist Jaap Ligthart making his label debut with a remix of Gians. Wonderfully crafted with dreamy melodies, creamy electronics and sheets of ethereal vocals it’s a gorgeous seven minute journey that is a highlight on the release.

John Johnson & Greyloop – Forever (David R Maddocks Remix) [ICONYC]

The latest from ICONYC sees ‘Forever’ by label boss John Johnson and Stellar Fountain team member Greyloop getting a brand new set of remixes. David R. Maddocks stands out as usual with an interpretation that adds harmonic layers and rich effects. Not lost in all this is the emotive pull of the original which remains steadfast throughout.

Alfonso Muchacho – The Curve Of The Moon (Pacco & Rudy B Remix) [Superordinate Music]

Superordinate Music returns this week showcasing new interpretations of Alfonso Muchacho’s ‘The Curve Of The Moon’. Hailing from Croatia Pacco & Rudy B have become household names in the progressive underground. Their groovy, melodic style has resonated with old and new school fans of the genre and they’ve turned in another amazing remix here. Smooth and flowing from the outset it’s a mix built on fluid rhythms and phasing atmospherics. Subtle yet powerful modulation highlights a dramatic break, shifting energy and tension at precisely the right moment, leading to a gorgeous drop and exhilarating finale. Lovely remix from, Pacco & Rudy.

Erdi Irmak – Dowa (Kosmas Remix) [Movement Recordings]

The latest release from Tash’s Movement Recordings welcomes Erdi Irmak back to the label for a brand new EP. The first interpretation of ‘Dowa’ comes from label artist Kosmas who returns for his tenth appearance. The Greek producer has been a mainstay of the Movement roster over the years while also owning releases on Akbal, Iboga and Sudbeat. Always a proficient remixer, Kosmas takes ‘Dowa’ into a deeper and equally exciting direction. Set over a bubbly acid groove; frayed vocals, percussive splashes and iridescent pads fill out the framework. Timeless electronics dominate the break, building with subtle modulation and reigniting the groove for a smooth yet exhilarating conclusion.

Fat Cosmoe – Zodiac [KDB Records]

KDB Records returns this week with a fabulous EP from Fat Cosmoe. The Italian artist is making his debut on the label in style with three quality cuts. The title selection ‘Zodiac’ resonates the most with it’s modern framework, heavy groove and sinister electronics. An expertly crafted break brings all the elements together for a tension filled prelude to an exhilarating finale.

Halaros – Night Sky [Electronic Tree]

Tuxedo’s Electronic Tree delivers a gorgeous EP from Halaros. Spread over two tracks the Greek artist shines with ‘Night Sky’, a Guy J flavoured gem with a chunked up groove,  dreamy melodies and wispy, cosmic soundscapes.


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