Release Promo Progressive House Hype Chart Week 47

Progressive House Promo Pool and industry hype chart – Release Promo share their weekly must hear tracks.

Ioanis & Don Son – Magelanic Cloud [Making You Dance]

Making You Dance Records celebrates their 4 year anniversary in style with an eight track exclusives collections. It’s the lead piece from Ioanis & Don Son that really shines here.  driven by rolling percussion and buzzing bass stabs it’s an eight and a half minute of journey into the finest mystical atmospheres and cross cultural motifs. A standout on the collection and one of the best tracks of the week.

Paul Hazendonk – Sanction (Rauschhaus Remix) [Manual Music]

Paul Hazendonk’s hugely successful track ‘Sanction’ gets new life this week with a special set of fresh interpretations. One of this year’s hottest and most prolific artists has undoubtedly been Rauschhaus. The German producer has seen his music showcased by Parquet, Steyoyoke and Traum where his modern melodic style has flourished. Here he puts his own unique twist on ‘Sanction’ taking it into dark and dramatic territory. Full of devilish tones, a charming break and a warm, robust groove it’s certainly dialled nicely for the dance floor. The drum work is what strikes me the most though, incredibly detailed with offset hits and a web of mesmerizing hats makes it a wonderful place to get lost in.

Martin Eyerer & Ackermann – Equilibrium Feat. Lou (Paul Ursin Remix) [Tenampa Recordings]

Tenampa Recordings revisits Martin Eyerer & Ackermann’s excellent ‘Equilibrium’ with brand new remixes this week. Italian artist Paul Ursin comes up big again with a powerful techno rendition complete with trippy arps, distinctive stabs and an airy atmospheric resonance that brings emotion at precisely the right moments.

Murat Uncuoglu – Struik / Other People [Beat Boutique]

DJ Zombi’s Beat Boutique returns this week by welcoming Murat Uncuoglu to the label for his debut EP. Hailing from Turkey, Murat has been a fixture of the electronic music underground for over two decades. Beginning his DJ career in 1987 and then going on to release music on Vapour Recordings in the mid 2000’s firmly established Murat as one of his country’s foremost electronic music talents. Fast forward over a decade and you can now find Murat releasing on Get Physical and Tenampa Recordings. Showcasing a bit of his progressive minded roots the EP begins with ‘Struik’. Anchored by a rugged, character rich groove, it’s buzzing electricity is infectious from the outset. Pleasing lines along with distinctive chord stabs make for an emotive first act, ultimately leading to a short but timely break. The interlude then shifts the energy through sonic decay, setting up a classy, stripped back drop.

BP – G-Force (Phraktal Remix) [ICONYC]

The latest from John Johnson’s ICONYC imprint sees the final release of Belgian artist’s Patrick Buryanaz’s BP alias as he now focuses full time on Lost Desert. The Phrakal remix is what stands out here with a rugged, character rich groove, momentous drive and stunning effects highlighting an eight minute journey into the cosmos.

Rich Curtis – Return (Sebastian Busto Remix) [Clubsonica Records]

The latest release from Clubsonica Records welcomes Rich Curtis to the label for his debut single. The first interpretation of ‘Return’ is provided by Sebastian Busto. Now following releases on Balkan Connection and Soundteller Records Sebastian makes a welcome return to Clubsonica with a great rendition of ‘Return’. It’s robust groove and grandiose melodies are immediately striking but it’s perhaps the heartfelt break which steals the show. Clocking in at just over a minute, orchestral motifs and airy atmospherics pave the way for the chugging groove and warm chord changes to carry the journey home.

Gaston Ponte – Black Sound [Soundteller Records]

The latest release from Deersky’s Soundteller Records finds the label welcoming Gaston Ponte for his debut EP. The EP begins with its title and showcase piece ‘Black Sound’ which shows Gastion’s keen sense for the dance floor. Backed by a well sculpted groove, the track flows through dark vocal motifs, mesmerizing arps and a string of wispy effects. Not without emotive moments, the break presents a moment of serenity and calm before a wave of noise reignites the groove for a tastefully, stripped back drop.

Mauro Augugliaro – Insomnium (Robert R. Hardy Remix) [Balkan Connection]

The latest release from Balkan Connection welcomes Mauro Augugliaro to the label for his debut single. The release concludes with Robert R. Hardy returning to the label for his 18th appearance. Always a standout on any release the Hungarian artist brings further depth to the package with a mix that drifts into even deeper, dubbier territory. Although still melodic, it has a much roomier and laid back vibe, allowing the chunky groove to breathe and seaside atmosphere to shine.

Synus – Burning Trees (Qbical Remix) [Stellar Fountain]

Synus makes a welcome return to Stellar Fountain this week with a brand new single entitled ‘Burning Trees’. The release concludes with Qbical returning to the label for his second appearance. The Dutch artist and Manual Music resident made his debut on Stellar Fountain in December of 2015 with a remix of MiraculuM’s ‘Neurone’. Now following strong releases on ICONYC, Manual Music and Tarnished tracks Qbical returns to Stellar Fountain with an amazing interpretation of ‘Burning Trees’. For the less vocally inclined this a dub, relying on a strong lead theme and the usual variety of fresh design which we’ve all come to expect from Qbical. The stabs are bold, vibrant and unabashedly epic making for a great complement to the previous two mixes and certainly something suited to a peak time dance floor.

Yuriy From Russia – Lady In Red Part 2 (DJ Beat2 Remix) [Reelaux Digital]

The latest release from Reelaux Digital finds the label showcasing new interpretations of Yuriy From Russia’s ‘Lady In Red’. The release concludes with DJ Beat2 making his label debut following releases on Asymmetric Recordings, 3rd Avenue and Electronic Tree. The Indian artist has continued to push his old school sound and remains one of his country’s foremost progressive house talents. Beat2 has become known for his long journey-esque mixes and he crafts another 11 minute masterpiece here. From deep and pulsating beginnings the piece expertly flows through a myriad of soulful motifs, delicate melodies and meditative qualities. Airy vocals and lovely acid lines fill in the framework nicely before a gorgeous cross-cultural motif steals the show during a perfectly executed break.

 Alex Pich  – Channeling (Lily Pita Remix) [Clinique Recordings]

Clinique Recordings returns this week with a brand new single from Russian artist Alex Pich. Indonesian talent Lily Pita once again delivers an on form remix reshaping the original into a floor friendly, percussive romp. Incredibly groovy, with a modern flair it once again shows that Lily is well on her way to big things.

Partenaire – Intertwine (Julian Rodriguez Remix) [PHW Elements]

PHW Elements continues delivering quality progressive house this week with a new single from Partenaire. Argentinean artist and Massive Harmony Records label boss Julian Rodriquez provides the remix of choice with spacey atmospherics, rolling grooves and a great blend of melody and drama during the break.

Forniva – Salome (Pacco & Rudy B Remix) [A Must Have]

Pacco & Rudy B continue on a roll this week with a return to their primary home A Must Have. The Croatian duo remix remix Bosnian artist Forniva in fine style taking ‘Salome’ into dreamier territory with wonky, elephant-like synths and warm, melodious grooves. Very vibey and no doubt set for some morning play in clubland.


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