Sonic Future: What’s In Your Box

With a new single out this week on One Of A Kind, Brazilian artist Sonic Future checks in for the latest edition of What’s In Your Box

Be Svendsen – Nabia (Original Mix) [Earthly Delights]

Being a musician myself I can hear from miles away when there is a musician‘s mind behind the production and not just a dj/producer fiddling with some random notes and arps. Be Svendsen is a master of the slower grooves and here he explores this ethnic vibes with perfect sound selection and percussions. The chord progression is quite nice, the modal interchange from major to minor, phrygian vibes painting the landscape makes it a quite special song to my ears.

Pablo Bolivar – Vanished (Original Mix) [Moodmusic]

Well when it comes to deep house and writing not only atmospheric stuff, but real melodies that catch your ears Pablo is the man. Dubby beats with this cool arped melody and bass progression make this track a meaningful piece of music. It is the type of track that stands on its own as music beyond any dancefloor obligations.

Brian Cid – Turbulen (Original Mix) [Endangered]

Brian‘s ability to take you on a journey is something really special. He has a definite sound of his own that resonates with a lot of progressive minds out there. This whole ep is stellar but this one in special, starts out quite deep and groovy but as the break develops this very sick bass line comes out unexpectedly and really unfolds into a super special atmospheric deep house track.

JOBE – Boma (Original Mix) [Chapter 24]

This whole ep is outstanding but this one stood out for my taste at the moment. This track has that ethnic flavor mixed with some tripped out synth sounds and delay fx. The low end is super tight and it grooves very elegantly. Although it has a progressive feel to it it’s more on the minimal side and this is the type of thing that sounds modern to me right now.

Tom Demac – Sink Or Swim (Original Mix) [Hypercolour]

No news here, it is a tried and tested one that destroyed floors for the melodic techno diggers. At first it seems yet one more of those arp pedals with a bassline progressing to different keys. One soon realizes that the sound choices breathe in raw analogue goodness, taking the result effect to such a high level of effectiveness. The end of the breakdown has this super aggressive pick up phrase that never fails to cause dancefloor damage all over.

Rancido – Lagos (Original Mix) [Younion]

Well this guy has the ability of laying down the sickest afro beats around. What grabbed my attention here right away was the hypnotic vibes of the beat with some minor pads and melody, it is one of those grooves you can hear for hours nonstop. Everything is in place.

BOg & Tim Engelhardt – Why Should (Original Mix) [Diynamic]

Super special track, has that ethnic flute theme but at the same time the way the arps and drums are structured make it sound powerful, contemplative and optimistic. Great vibes for special moments on the dancefloor.

Tim Engelhardt – We Didn’t Talk For A While (Original Mix) [fryhide]

So this guy has been storming the scene with super clever melodic productions. His variety of sounds is something to be noted and I admire producers that never accommodate themselves into one specific sound just because it worked once.  This track in special starts quite deep with this thoughful melodic statement and only a few bass shots. After the break it builds and turns into this monster rolling bassline groover. Quite unexpected and for sure a dancefloor bomb!

Stereo.type – Time Out  [EIN2]

1st class production and sound design on this one. Some tasty deep tech grooves with a spaced out theme that develops into super nice textures. It’s difficult to describe but to my mind the melody keeps asking you questions that remain unanswered till the end of the track. I love it when melodies find a way to be mysterious without falling in that cheesy dark category and this whole ep on EIN2 actually achieves this flawlessly.

Sonic Future – Ooakland (Rauschhaus Detox Version) [One of a Kind]

This is one of those situations when a remix takes an original mix to another level. German deep house master Rauschaus used only some background sounds of my original mix and produced his well known brand of 1st class deep house goodness. He was smart to leave my main theme out and build his own thing delivering what remixes should ultimately be all about, which is taking on a complete different direction from the original mix.

Sonic Future has new music out now on One Of A Kind, you can purchase the release: here


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