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Han Haak – Redemption (Sudbeat)

How do you follow up a release like Sudbeats 3? Sudbeat aren’t phased, and they’ve got two tracks from Han Haak and a remix from King Unique to prove it.

Techno and progressive can start to sound a bit samey at times, but nobody could accuse Han Haak of contributing to that trend – ‘Redemption’ is about as distinctive and bold as they come. It’s just a few simple elements that really make the track, with an awesome, hypnotic, twisting bassline, driving percussion, and cool vocal loops both setting the vibe and setting the scene for the ringing bell hook that dominates the track from the breakdown onwards, before melting away. This is destined to be one of Han Haak’s signature tracks – it’s totally unique and utterly compelling.

Not to be one-upped on the ‘unique’ front, King Unique goes seriously dark and weird on the remix, turning the percussion to jelly and the bassline into a grumpy rumble. In the hands of another producer this approach might have been a mess, but King Unique shapes it into a techy, squelchy groove which works really well with Han Haak’s bleeps and bells. The sequence after the breakdown is electrifying too, as King Unique loads the track with live-kit sounds, giving it an incredible texture and setting up some wicked fills.

As a bonus, Han Haak serves up a second original, ‘Damnation’, with a sleazy-as-they-come bassline providing the centrepiece. Around that, Han Haak arranges detuned bell sounds and light synth motifs, and while the track’s a bit more low-key than ‘Redemption’, it builds to a really satisfying finale after the breakdown – ‘Damnation’ may be the B-side here, but I like it at least as much.

This is an exceptionally strong offering from Sudbeat, with both Han Haak’s originals ranking amongst his best productions so far, and King Unique’s remix managing to take ‘Redemption’ into more warped territory without compromising on floor appeal and power.


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