Hybrasil Presents a Captivating Journey with ‘Greystone’ EP on Rekids Special Projects (RSPX)

Hybrasil unveils a new 4-track Techno EP titled ‘Greystone’ via Radio Slave’s label Rekids Special Projects (RSPX). Following the release of this hard-hitting EP ‘Luchtaine’, Hybrasil is ready to showcase his signature sound with this new production. 

The EP starts with the title track ‘Greystone’; a lively and powerful beat starts off the track, the steady claps, hard-hitting rumble kick and rhythmic sonic elements add a layer of dynamism. The hypnotic listening journey finds some drops as the track develops, adding some syncopation and keeping the party going. 

The second track on the list is ‘Cernunnos’, where a steady beat featuring a hard-hitting rumble kick and crisp hit-hats start the track. A synth chop joins the mix from the get go, giving an extra accent to the dynamic beat. Short breakdowns suspend the track to release it once more, to a pulsating and vibrant listening experience. 

The track ‘Konkrete’ features a hard-hitting beat, industrial pads and an intense processed synth line that guides the listening journey. The driving and energetic vibe of the track can be felt throughout its length, providing its listeners a hypnotic and powerful experience. 

Closing the EP is ‘Eriu’, that starts off with a slapping and intense beat, joined by an unwavering and groovy synth line motif and a processed vocal sample that appears throughout the track to add more dynamism to it.  

‘Greystone EP’ is another powerful example of Hybrasil’s vision and unmissable style, highlighting his skills as a Producer and tastemaker in the Techno realm. The highly-energetic and stimulating listening experience is surely one not to miss for all lovers of the genre. 

Don’t forget to follow Hybrasil to be updated on his latest releases, projects and live shows as he continues to deliver standout productions that push his name higher on the list of Producers and DJs to follow closely. 

‘Graystone EP’ is out now and available in all major streaming platforms and online stores. 

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