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Viktor Talking Machine is back on Monaberry with a beautiful release

Fabled duo VIKTOR TALKING MACHINE offers the next Monaberry release. Their track LINE briefly brushes the club with a colorful groove, catchy claps, and sweaty breaks. Intense synth chords merge with hypnotic ethno-vocals into a rich track with a rousing vibe. Italo Brutalo injects line with a shot of 80s House, thus creating a fluorescend remix for the hottest hours at the club.

JOKO moves straight to the dancefloor, mesmerizing all senses with a fairytale arrangement, goosebumpy melodies, and a warm synth line. The vocals embrace body and mind while the breaks invite us to a long endorphine rush. Lauer pumps up his remix with a mighty groove, additional synths, and a tender touch of House.


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