In Interview with Mr.C to celebrate the release of Wonkytonk’s ‘Wonk’ EP on Superfreq

It’s been a tough time for all concerned in the music industry but Mr.C has remained positive throughout, and most importantly become innovative through the introduction of his Superfreq streams. He also touches on the release of ‘Wonk’ through his ‘Wonkytonk’ alias alongside Radio Rental. We host the premiere of Mr.C’s remix for this one.

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How are you finding lockdown and the current situation, have you been keeping busy?

Lockdown is horrible & the current crisis is heartbreaking. So sad seeing so many people lose daily & loved ones. Also terrible how so many people are out of work & struggling to make ned meet. It’s also awful that it’s all being dragged out so long due to the correct measures not being taken by many governments around the world. Yes I’ve been keeping myself very busy indeed conducting daily guided meditations as people need that right now to help with anxiety & stress. I’ve been staying up to date on new music for my Techno Tuesday stream & getting together my new FreqStream website with Superfreq & Future Magic too.

The disruption caused by the situation needs no explanation, particularly in the music industry. How have you pivoted your productivity to replace shows?

Yes I have. Of course doing my Techno Tuesday live streams across my Mr.C social networks has kept me on top of all the new music coming out. I’ve also been doing a Class of 88 all vinyl stream on Fridays too. Both streams have been going down well. I’ve also been putting together some ideas for new Mr.C & East LA Tek music too. 

You have your Freqstream radio shows ongoing, it’s a great idea and a nice way to introduce artists to the label prior to the release, how did the idea come to fruition?

I released my Radical Inclusion remixes on Superfreq on 13 March. A few days later I was cursing the lockdown & wondering how people would hear new music if all the clubs were closed. So I thought I’d do a live review stream of my new EP & play each remix on my Mr.C Facebook page while having a laugh with my fans. It went down a treat with thousands of views & fans having fun, so that got me thinking that I can help the Superfreq artists get some exposure before their EP releases. I can also help my fans have a laugh online so I decided do an upfront weekly stream to help promote all the new music still being released be other labels & started Techno Tuesday. That first stream had 75,000+ views so that got me thinking more. I then started Class of 88 to also help keep up spirits, which also had a lot of views. I started talking to Noel Jackson who’s my production partner with East LA Tek & also a Superfreq label partner & we agreed that we could launch a great new website that would continue to help entertain people in tough times, help Superfreq artists get exposure & help their releases, help to promote new releases on other labels & generally be of service too the dance music community. This is when FreqStream was born. It’s since taken on a whole lease of life of it’s own & we’re releasing weekly special Guest DJ podcasts. We’ve already had Eddie Richards, Carl Cox, Murf & Clive Henry & have Art Department, Tara Brooks, Steve Bug & Colin Dale all lined up next. Class of 88 is now hosting special guest podcasts, the last one being Graeme Park & we’ve had our 2 Superfreq Spotlight with Radio Rental ahead of our Wonkytonk release this week. That followed a great J. Gabriel & Chuffing Buffy Spotlight. Ne. Hau will be next week ahead of their Coward Within EP release. Check the site at

Away from music, have you picked up any new hobbies, books or things you’d be interested in letting us know about?

I’ve learned so much about the internet, especially the technical side what with all this streaming etc. 

You’re heavily involved with A&Ring new music and new artists. What is it that you look for and what makes music right for Superfreq?

I do most of the A&R work for Superfreq but David Scuba has found some gems too. Superfreq is a platform for new talent for the most part so we’re always on the lookout for new music. However it’s not easy to get onto the label because we already have quite a roster of great talent & have releases lined up at least every 3 weeks until the end of this year. For us to want to release a new artist their music must be absolute top drawer. Good music is no longer good enough. Tracks have to be outstanding. We look for music that is fun, playful, trippy, twisted, adventurous & in no way generic. We believe that our artists should be just that, artists. Churning out what everyone else is churning out does not impress us at Superfreq. The music needs to be not only different, but also very well produced too with great separation, EQ, balancing & quality production. 

You have a release out at the end of this month, the 29th. Wonk with the Wonkytonk EP. It’s the alias of both yourself and Radio Rental. Tell us the motivations behind the EP and also behind the production partnership?

Baz Sanders AKA Radio Rental is an old mate from London. I tour annually in South East Asia & 3 years ago was playing for Sweat Box in Kuala Lumpur. Baz had just set up his Bad Hatter Studio there with Glen Bishop. So I stayed in KL for a few days & made my Show Me tune there. Baz engineered that & also did a remix, which led to his start with Superfreq. He then release his own Deep Lana track on Freqtraxx 2 followed by his excellent Get Mental EP. The following year I stayed in KL again for a bit longer & recorded my Radical Inclusion song, which Baz also did a remix of & we recorded Wonk together at that time. We always have a lot of fun working together & decided to call the track Wonk as it was a wonky acid house number. I then thought of the name Wonkytonk. We’ll start working on the follow up remotely soon. 

Superfreq has been an established label in the industry for several years. How do you feel it’s evolved with the times and what projects are set to arrive on the label following your own this month?

Superfreq is now 18 years old as a party brand & we’ve been releasing music for 16 years. Most of what we’ve released is pretty timeless & still sounds great but the label is of course evolving, as the ethos of the label is to keep moving forward. It’s that forward thinking attitude that makes for such timeless pieces of music. We’ve released so many hidden gems that have gone well under the radar so there’s always music from our back catalogue still being discovered. Go have a hunt through at

What’s the first thing you’ll be doing once things get back to some levels or normality?

Hug as many people as possible. Not being able to see & hug friends is the hardest part about this lockdown for me. 

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