James Harcourt – Hypnofunk / Psychotech (Tulipa Recordings)

“James Harcourt” features on “Tulipa” Recordings with a touch of class.

James Harcourt

“James Harcourt” is quite a talent and has been a quality presence from some time. Based in the UK his productions have been resonating through the world club stratosphere insistently for a number years and gained the support / accolades in all the right areas.

He’s’ an artist who hosts his own record label “Twisted Recordings” which in many ways it’s a label that’s quite reflective of his own qualities and sound. Featured releases on this label have included great artist like “Victor Ruiz”,”AudioJack”, ”Beckers”, “Pig & Dan” as well as his own outputs. It’s a real combination of styles from progressive esque to more techno induced power play.

Key tracks from “James” have included the very popular title “ Call & Response”, “Strange Love” and the collaborative title “Schadenfreude” which is one that always sticks out in my mind. He’s defiantly a producer with a sound and style of his own which is quite clean sounding but coupled with good intensity and depth.

This I believe is “James” first release on the very quality driven “Tulipa Recordings based in the USA. “Tulipa” are something of a unique substance, they’re not easily categorized or genre specific but certainly a very purposeful label with style and integrity. If you haven’t check out nay of their prior releases I’ll urge you do so. With artist featured like “Third Son”, “Quivver”, “Jamie Anderson” and “Robert Babicz” I’m sure you will be impressed.

On this release there two tracks to check out starting with “Hypnofunk” which starts of in a rounded punchy fashion. The groove is quickly introduced with shuffle style hats as it builds quite quickly in terms of percussion. There’s a vocoder style vocal over laid before a second vocal speaking “Hypnotize”.
It’s quite an hypnotic infrastructure that is inducing the more you listen as additional riffs and patterns are introduced. Cleverly arranged its one which builds with its own intensity very well.

Next we have the title “PsycoTech” This is a bit funkier than the prior with a cool synth leaded delay.
Its got a really nice rounded bass which really drives the track along whilst the delayed funkiness takes care of the hypnotics. There’s great key change use in the arrangement to great affect but not in an obvious way. It’s a total transient absorber the more you listen as the title suggest but one that keeps you hooked in.

Great to hear a another quality affair from “James Harcourt “and featured on a premier label in “Tulipa”.

Review by Blue Amazon – Rated 8/10


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