Kevin Di Serna – Exclusive Premiere and Interview

Kevin Di Serna is back with a new release on Guy J’s Lost & Found, featuring a beautiful collaboration with fellow Argentinian Ditian and a haunting solo track. Here we catch up with him about how 2016 is going and what else we have to look forward to from him.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us!

You’ve had a pretty quiet 2016 as a producer so far, aside from the recent release of the beautiful ‘Shambhala’ on Plattenbank. What have you been up to for the past while?

I’ve been traveling to perform at international gigs in Lebanon, UAE, Mexico and Spain, meeting different artists and living very inspiring experiences. I’m also quite fortunate to have the opportunity to teach, there are new producers who wish to learn how to make music and I have been enjoying teaching and sharing my experience and skills with these aspiring artists. At the same time, I’ve been quietly working on new productions and ideas as well as improving my work.

You seem to have had a pretty busy schedule as a DJ – what have been some of the highlights of your performing schedule recently?

Honestly, I’m so happy to have shared gigs with artists like Sasha, Guy J, Joris Voorn, Guy Mantzur, Cid Inc. and Marcelo Vasami, in different parts of the world. It was a pleasure playing alongside them and getting to know them more. Recently I played a main set in Bahrein, Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was such a sublime experience, everything felt so well balanced, the crowd was so connected to the music, dancing to the rhythm and just having a blast celebrating the night. Bahrein is a very avant-garde club, the music intensity is limitless, which meant I was able to play all that I had.

Let’s talk about your new EP for Lost & Found. First, can you please tell us a bit about your studio-partner on ‘Crystal Forest’, Ditian, and how the collaboration came about?

Ditian is someone I thoroughly enjoy working with – he’s a really nice guy. We have a great musical connection, we share similar ideas and the fusion is almost always spot-on. The collaboration process comes very naturally for us, we enjoy working together and we are working on new material for future releases.

Both tracks feel really emotional – in particular, your solo track ‘Dallah’ sounds really poignant and melancholic. What inspired the sounds on the release?

“Dallah” is dedicated to a person with whom I have a great friendship. The track represents the deep connection we felt when we met. At the same time, the track is a token of appreciation to life for connecting our paths and introducing me to this person.

What else have you got in the pipeline for the rest of 2016?

For the rest of 2016, there will be new international gigs and a trip to Amsterdam Dance Event to participate in the Lost & Found Showcase, which is undoubtedly one of the most interesting festivals as it features conferences and plenty of amazing events. I’m also working on new projects, different music under a new alias and will continue to produce originals. Also, there is a new project in the works, which I hope will be finalized by next summer in Argentina.


‘Crystal Forest/Dallah’ is out 26/8/16 on Guy J’s Lost & Found. Keep in touch with Kevin Di Serna @


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