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Listening Heavy Stuff: Ramiro Lopez and Juliet Fox, On Your Face

Now we know who handles the explosives

Light energy is not the same as positive feelings, and heavy is not equal to negative feelings. Do we agree?

Having said this, if you have listened over the past few months to the Spanish techno-superhero Ramiro Lopez (“Clap Your Hands” with his friend and fellow producer Coyu on Drumcode, or his electrifying cuts via his own Odd Recordings imprint, for example) and even surfed on his social networks, you will have realized Ramiro it is a person, a producer full of enthusiasm, an unique sense of humor and always good vibrations.

His brand new “On Your Face” on Noir Music encompasses all that, and more. In this EP we will find some damn good techno living and breathing. Ramiro Lopez and Berlin-based talented Juliet Fox -who participates with powerful vocals- doing their thing in the wild-side of modern techno. Some real and volcanic gem over there (in the title track).

The other cut included in the EP is titled “Venom”. “Venom” pulsates with a kick drum and rapid-fire snare drums opening up to quite epic 90s rave chords before skilfully dropping back to the sparse and stomping vibes. Dark yes, but not sinister. It rolls all together quite nicely, yet each section being thematically distinct.

‘Señor’ Lopez, you don’t need us to say it but bravo!

Grab this EP here.


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