Mollono.Bass Remixes Timboletti On Acker Records

Available In Stores November 15th

Mollono.Bass is a German artist known for his spiritual take on melodic house and releases on labels such as 3000 Grad Records.

Mollono.Bass has also been prominent on Acker Records, which is a label owned by him, and he features a remix on the latest release with original tracks from Timboletti.

Timboletti is back on Acker Records for his third EP having also featured on other genre-leading imprints like Sol Selectas and Stil Vor Talent.

Once again Timboletti supplies his unique blend of chugging grooves, shamanistic vocals and magical melodies. Incorporating instruments from around the world, and earthy percussion mixed with electronic beats, he makes this another fine example of his distinctive sound.

“Nachtwanderung” is the track remixed by Mollono.Bass that we are proud to premiere, but also contributing remixes to the EP are Miret and Menachem26.

The original version of Nachtwanderung is transformed into a streamlined cut of melodic house by Mollono.Bass, who keeps the flavour of the original while also raising the tempo for his ethereal remix.

You can pre-order a copy HERE.

Words by Jamie W


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