Techno legend Oliver Huntemann launches his brand new Senso Sounds label in fine style. 

oliver huntemann blitz donner senso sounds

First up is Donner: in the first 30 seconds or so, Huntemann draws the listener into a dark, tense space where the beats are somewhat sparse before a huge bassline slams in and lets the listener know he means business. Sitting at over 9 minutes in length, the dark minimal undertones peppered with reverb soaked percussion swarm around the stereo field and drive a no holds barred warehouse monster. Forever building, the tension is maintained as the hypnotising rhythm draws you deeper and deeper into Huntemann’s dark soundscape. Digging the heels in with a groove and aggression, the crescendo will no doubt turn many a dance floor inside out. An unyielding opener, Oliver Huntemann has no doubt used this opportunity to set the tone for things to come.

Next up is Blitz that, much like the opener, holds a somewhat sinister undertone. A slightly more bouncy tune in which a groove is built by playful percussion over a heavy bass. Vocal snippets, metallic hits and crushed claps again develop a hypnotising machine funk that moves through sounds and builds. As the vocal elements become more pronounced, the peak is reached. Huntemann shows restraint in all the right places as this monster grows and then explodes out of the blocks. A class act.

Much like the unyielding opener to his label Ideal Audio, the monster tune Dios which he produced with Dubfire, Oliver Huntemann has used this debut release to make a statement about the Senso imprint and what it stands for. The production quality is second to none, the sounds are superbly executed and both tracks are delivered with a creative flair that will see Senso immediately make its mark. With a stacked lineup of artists on the books for forthcoming releases, expect big things from Oliver Huntemann’s Senso stable. 8/10


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