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In light of many recent events, with you routinely attacking artists and stirring up all manner of controversy on social media, we’d like to take this opportunity to set some things straight between you, Pulse Radio, and we, the underground.

We understand you believe you’re providing a vital public service; however following your open letter to Nina Kraviz today, we really felt it necessary to publish the opinions we gathered from the community and trust this feedback will be of benefit.

Many of those who shared opinions on Pulse Radio said you:

  • Promote mindless journalism
  • Believe you’re a voice for the whole scene
  • Lack originality and republish articles from other news sources, in your own words
  • Often resort to click baiting – raising attention for stories that serve no purpose
  • Attempt to improve your hit rate by encouraging unnecessary controversy on social media
  • Have become an irresponsible power
  • Need to reconnect with the values of our scene

We want to remind you our culture is supposed to be about promoting peace, love, unity and goodwill. We come to together as one through the music we love to escape from our troubles in life and celebrate our humanity.

The world can be a better place, if we learn to recognise our mistakes and learn from them.

Without prejudice

The underground x