Premiere: Gullen drops a deep and melodic release on Mobilee

Available In Stores On February 7

Spanish artist Gullen is back on Mobilee for his third release on the label.

Gullen has developed an increasingly distinct sound, leaning towards lazier rhythms and opened envelope synthesis. His productions capture a joy, haze and lethargy which feel akin to the atmosphere when walking the streets under a blazing June sun.

Influenced by ambient and natural sounds sampled from old recordings of folk and classical music, combined with dreamy harmonics leading into a more melodic and poppier vibe, his music undoubtedly tells a very personal story, mixing up his unique sounds with evocative musical imagery, rich in both emotional and musical intelligence. Gullen transforms his personal feelings into a unique soundscape, and succeeds in evoking the same emotional state on the listener that he felt during its creation.

Here at CU we are excited to premiere Gullen’s new track “Terranova” which blends throbbing bass sounds with crisp percussion and soothing melodies.

You can pick up a copy of the release from HERE


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